Christmas outdoor activities are one of the great ways to celebrate the holiday

Greatest Christmas Outdoor Activities 2020 Get You Excited

Christmas! We’re really excited about the Christmas outdoor activities that make us warm-up and have fun with each other. Besides those meaningful traditions on Christmas you do inside, you need to change the atmosphere and go out, feel the cool-fresh air of the winter and let’s have some fun with your kids, your friends, or your beloved ones! Outdoor activities for Christmas is one of the attractive things we can do to make you the best Christmas holiday with a lot of beautiful memories.

Christmas outdoor activities strengthen your family bonds

What are Christmas outdoor activities?

Christmas outdoor activities are when we celebrate the holiday outside the door with a lot of funny activities you can do with your friends and family. You may not think about the benefit of outdoor activities but it turns out to be incredibly good for your both mental and physical health.

Christmas holiday is in winter so, in this cold weather, outdoor activities help you be more proactive and grab more energy, refuse to lay all day long in bed, or sit still in fireplaces watching a series of Best Christmas movies with your family. 

Why should you get some Christmas outdoor activities?

Christmas outdoor activities bring more benefits than you think

Increase Creativity

Indulging in outdoor activities can make you more creative and boost your imagination skills. Being surrounded by a lot of twinkling Christmas lights and food displayed on the street can stimulate your imagination and tap into your creativity.

Improve Health

Christmas is one of the cherished holidays of the year, it’s a pity if you let it slip away in a boring way. Getting outside, join some funny Christmas activities and you’ll soon realize the benefits brought. First, it is undoubted that taking part in some Christmas outdoor activities not only breaks away from the stresses of everyday life but it also improves your health and mind. 

Not only bring magical moments, but Christmas outdoor activities also boost the mental health

Imagine that you are going ice-skating or go shopping with your friends, what would you feel? Is it exciting? All your pressures and anxiety seem to melt away. Spend some time and take advantage of Christmas Eve to do some enjoyable outdoor activities with your friends or families.  

Promote Memories And Create Great Moments

It’s boring if you just stay at home and lay on the couch at Christmas. Go out and join some Christmas outdoor activities with your loved ones to immerse the bustling holiday atmosphere. Christmas comes once a year, so grab your friends or family members to do some funny things and create precious moments. No one can predict the future exactly. Things may happen unexpectedly. So, cherish the precious holiday and enjoy the joy with your significant ones. 

Wonderful moments are created from Christmas outdoor activities
Wonderful moments are created from Christmas outdoor activities

Christmas outdoor activities checklist 2020

Christmas is approaching, are you looking for something simple but heartwarming? Check out a list of Christmas outdoor activities for all ages to help you and your important ones bond over the holiday.  

Christmas outdoor activities for adults

Head to a Christmas tree farm

There are so many fun Christmas outdoor activities to celebrate this holiday. And heading to a Christmas tree farm is also a good choice. If each Christmas season, you pick up a Christmas tree at the local megastore, why not make a difference this year? You can drive out to a Christmas farm and select your favorite tree by yourself. For a big Christmas tree, you may need to cut the tree down and transport it back to your car. It can be a little hard for the first time, but you will have a precious experience and unforgettable memory.  

Head to a Christmas tree farm is one of the great Christmas outdoor activities to help you choose the perfect tree for your budget

Sign up for community service

There is a saying that ”it’s better to give than receive”. Christmas is the time to celebrate annual traditions, connect with friends and family, and it’s also an opportunity to spread joy by giving. There are a lot of charity events to help the less fortunate, for example, deliver warm food and clothes to the homeless and the poor. Or you can call your friends or neighbors to clean up the house surrounding them. It’s one of the meaningful Christmas outdoor activities that contribute a small part to the community. 

One of the fantastic Christmas outdoor activities is joining community service

Treat people the way you want others to treat you, just be sincere and you will receive love. Help others when they’re in trouble, don’t leave them alone. Because when you hold out your hands, it also means you have an extra escape route if you, unfortunately, get into trouble later.

Join tree lighting ceremony

Joining a tree lighting ceremony is one of the fun Christmas outdoor activities. It’s great to bring your neighbors or friends with you to join holiday festivities, and of course, there will be spectacular displays of the finest and tallest trees. The tree lighting ceremony often includes enjoyable holiday entertainment from professional singers, dance, school bands, and more. There are many booths and stalls selling hot chocolates, cookies and donuts, and holiday snacks from local shops and vendors. Take part in the Christmas tree lighting event for getting together, lighting up the Christmas tree, and celebrating in the festive atmosphere!

Joining a tree lighting ceremony is one of the fun Christmas outdoor activities to create magical moments

Going ice-skating

There are a large number of seasonal ice skating rinks across America for you to enjoy the Christmas season. For example, you can find many ice skating rinks in New York City such as Rockefeller Center, LeFrak Center, or William Vale. They’re usually open in the evening, surrounded by twinkling lights, so it’s one of the great Christmas outdoor activities that you can do in the evening. So, why not spend your time and skate one of the best indoor or outdoor rinks in your local, followed by sipping hot chocolate?

Going ice- skating is an indispensable part of Christmas outdoor activities

You can grab your family members or your friends to the rinks and create a contest to see who’s the best at skating. After your skate, head to the restaurant or food street for dinner. You will have a special and memorial night. 

Christmas outdoor activities for kids

Take a picture with Santa

As a kid, who doesn’t like Santa? Get your kids in the holiday spirit by taking them to local malls or outdoor venues to meet Santa. Think about what your kids would feel if they get a photo of them seated on Santa’s lap? They’ll be so exciting, right? It’s so fun to take a picture with Santa as a part of your holiday tradition. 

When it comes to Christmas outdoor activities, taking a photo with Santa is always on the first list for kids

Playing Christmas Balloon Badminton

Have your kids ever played Christmas balloon badminton? If yes, you may know the game teaches hand-eye coordination for kids. Balloon badminton is one of the Christmas outdoor activities that help the kids learn the basics of net sports and burn off excess energy. It’s a really interesting game for your children on cold days. 

Go caroling 

This another one of the amazing Christmas outdoor activities for kids. Each Christmas season, a lot of kids go house to house caroling. You can encourage your kids to sing some songs at each house and collect a donation to give to the less lucky or a charity. This activity is a small act but makes great significance and a big difference. 

If you are wondering if your kids do not know Christmas songs, don’t worry. There are plenty of songs your kid could sing. No one said that caroling must be Christmas songs. You can make a list of your kid’s favorite songs and let them learn by heart. 

Going caroling is one of the meaningful Christmas outdoor activities for kids

Christmas outdoor activities for families

What do families do on Christmas Day?


As you know that Christmas is a great time for everyone to spend some time with family and to celebrate with a lot of family activities. If you are looking for new Christmas outdoor activities for your family, then we’ve got covered for you. Make the holiday more special and meaningful with outdoor activities as below:
1. Visit a nursing home
2. Visit Christmas festivals
3. Christmas hiking
4. Join tree lighting ceremony
5. Go to the local malls
6. Go to a Christmas show
7. Take a family photo with Santa

Visit a Nursing Home

During the Christmas holidays, many nursing home residents feel overlooked and forgotten. You and your family can help ease their sadness and loneliness. It can be said that visiting a nursing home is one of the best Christmas outdoor activities for families. The more people meet, the more holiday-like and festive it will feel. Not only brings happiness for the elder, but you can feel satisfaction and joy. It’s an opportunity for you to teach your kids about giving and sharing.  

Christmas is warmer if your family join Christmas outdoor activities such as visit a nursing home to spread joy to the elderly

Winter hiking

Another great Christmas outdoor activity for families is to go on a holiday hike. We seem to relax, enjoy tasty food and drinks on the holiday, and skip exercising. So, hiking is also a bad choice for your family members in winter to enjoy nature. You can see a lot of spectacular scenes such as frozen waterfalls, birds’ nests, or beautiful trees. Not only will hiking provide physical benefits, like strength, balance, and cardiovascular health, but spending time outside boosts your family mood and creates cherished moments during the Christmas season. Let’s turn it into a new family tradition to go hiking at Christmas. 

Christmas hiking- one of the Christmas outdoor activities is highly enjoyed

Visit Christmas Festivals

During the Christmas season, it’s a great idea to visit Christmas festivals.  It’s one of the fantastic Christmas outdoor activities that give you and your family a ride even Santa Claus can’t match. From tree lighting ceremonies in the town to church concerts or high-speed roller coasters will make the holiday become more special than ever. There are plenty of Christmas festivals across America such as Christmas Prelude, Winterfest Boat Parade, Natchitoches Christmas Festival of Lights, and more. 

Looking for amazing Christmas outdoor activities, why not join Christmas festivals?


There is no reason Christmas can’t be filled with interesting Christmas outdoor activities to make it more special. We hope that this list of Christmas activities will be useful for you. And the last thing I want to say is ”Merry Christmas”.

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