Best Christmas movies of all time

Top 13 Best Christmas Movies That We Must Watch Once In A Lifetime

Now is the perfect time to catch up on the best Christmas movies which absolutely blow your mind. Today, we’re listing the TOP 10 best Christmas movies to watch and bring the most holiday spirit, whether you’re looking for a laugh, a cry, or a heart-melting Christmas movie.

A cozy moment watching the best Christmas movies with your beloved ones

These movies will keep you entertained for hours and really head into the Christmas season! Christmas time is coming around the corner and it’s time to let your hair down and see the best Christmas movies to watch with your friends and family. Let’s get started now!


48 Christmas Wishes – Wish you a Merry Christmas

Happiness levels will go through the roof when your kids see this movie! Best Christmas movie all time for young children. Once, this movie is considered as a phenomenon and particularly well-received, which also leads us to watch it over and over again.

48 Christmas wishes for the best Christmas movies for you to watch

Before Christmas every year, my friend and I watch 48 Christmas Wishes again together. For me, it’s one of the best Christmas movies that features elves, a bit of magic, and Santa Claus. That gets me drunk on eggnog. 

No matter how things have changed considerably, this family-friendly movie on Christmas is highly recommended and kids will love it for sure.

A Christmas Carol – Appreciate The Christmas

Undoubtedly, A Christmas Carol is the top of our list, certainly one of the most favorite Christmas movies for kids all over the world and known as the perfect 3D computer-animated fantasy film by Robert Zemeckis.


What A Christmas Carol all about is Grouchy Smurf refuses to join the party, showing his contempt for Christmas but the Smurfs of Christmas Past, Present, and Future finally bring him to light and make him value Christmas.

Your kids watching this film will extremely chill out and enjoy having company because they are really into film. Then, kids can discuss the meaning and carry on inside jokes from the film later on!

Home Alone – One Of The Best Christmas Movies For Kids?

Parents need to realize that Home Alone is a hit 1990 John Hughes-coordinated satire in which Macaulay Culkin plays a mischievous boy, left to battle for himself when his parents, overpowered by monitoring 11 different children, erroneously left him when they fly to Paris.

With a lot of unexpected plot twists, this series will blow your mind and laugh your head off. 

Home alone - best chirstmas movies for kids

Each year, I watch Home Alone every single day of December until Christmas. It’s my favorite Christmas movie and I never get bored with this film. I’ve become a true fan of a 8- year- kid named Kevin.

When I was a kid, I was afraid to look in the basement and hear strange noises. But let’s see what the kid did. For me, it’s a cuteness overload. Spend your little time to experience this wonderful movie. 

Let your kids have a beautiful time watching this film to kick back and relax. Although it seems to be simply funny and innocent, there are often many life lessons packed into these films and your kids gonna love that!

Is Home Alone the best Christmas movies for all ages?

Without doubt, Home Alone is a legendary when it comes to the best Christmas movies, because it’s funny, meaningful and tell us a story about family bonding, good friends, about love and all good things in life will come to good people! Any ages is suitable for this all-time favorite film.

The Polar Express – A Magical Discovery Trip On Christmas

Do you believe in the existence of Santa Claus? Let’s go with the boy in this movie, wake up on Christmas Eve and get on the magical train riding to the North Pole to have a wonderful discovery trip.


When I was young, I watched A Christmas Carol many times. I really enjoy the movie as it’s full of Christmas and spirit. I also want a train like that to go to my home. It is no exaggeration to say that The Polar Express is one of the best Christmas movie classics I’ve ever seen!

Trust me! Kids will be curious about whether Santa Clause exists or not? Keep it a secret and don’t tell them till the end of the movie

The Grinch- Is the Best Christmas Movie You’ll Watch This Holiday Season?

The Grinch is based on the story of writer Dr. Seuss named “How the Grinch Stole Christmas” in 1957. This story is also quite familiar to audiences with a cartoon version of 1966 and 2000 film live action. 

The Grinch lives on a mountain high above the gingerbread-pretty town of Whovillle, where festive goodwill is spreading out. But he has shrivelled heart and has reckless thoughts. That’s the Grinch’s intention to impersonate Santa to steal the town’s presents. Ironically, a cute girl- Cindy Lou cracks a plan to trap Santa to make sure her Christmas wishes come true. That makes a humorous phase and also brings interesting lessons. 


It’s not entirely ludicrous to suggest that it is well worthy of the best Christmas movies. I have watched The Grinch twice and I intend to watch it again this year

Best Christmas Movies For Lovers

If you are somewhat into a romantic genre, let’s spend this amazing season watching films with your lovers and warm each other’s hearts this winter! You guys can talk about it during or after the films, whether it’s mind-numbering or awesome, we always end up having such a good time together!

Why Him – Best Of Christmas Movies For Who You Love

Eat, drink, dance, play some music at home, and don’t forget to watch “Why him” to celebrate Christmas with your lover. You could not call yourself a film buff but you can certainly value a decent movie like this one.


The beautiful thing about the rom-com genre is that no matter what circumstances play out in those films, you guys will get to smile at the end. These films are very heart-warming and funny indeed! 

Last Christmas –  A Love Story On Christmas Day

This film revolves around a skeptical and battling Christmas store worker who discovers her life pivoting in the wake of meeting an attractive and baffling stranger. The impressive cast, fantastic soundtracks, and some moving scenes will definitely make you reach the climax indeed!


Known as one of the best Christmas movie classics about love, you have to see it with your beloved one. And if you’ve seen them, ones to watch again and again!

A Christmas Prince – Where Christmas spirit is all about 

If you’re looking for a good romantic comedy, especially the best Christmas movie on Netflix, A Christmas Prince is a must-see. It is probably the most ideal way to get a bowl of popcorn, de-stress on the sofa and throw our limbs in each other’s faces.


It’s just full of Christmas spirit, bottled in the story of a journalist and a rogue prince in a country that isn’t even real. Needless to say, it brings a good thing for your relationship and leads to a sensual time. We don’t want to spill the beans, let’s see it with your love and enjoy the movie till it ends.

Let It Snow – Romantic Christmas movie

This film is an explanation for the saying Everything happens for reasons. You may have a lot of people encounter in your life but just one of them is your destiny. In Let it snow movie, you can witness a whole beautiful love story of after a snowstorm, a young group are together and have a very special bond with each other. Without any spoils, you gonna sit still and watch this film from A to Z.


Best Christmas Movie About Family

Apart from just relaxing and enjoying the film, I like to delve deeper to discover the subliminal messages of Christmas family movies. Let’s opt for some of these high-recommended films below!

Holiday Rush – Best Christmas Movies About Family 

This movie is truly worth your time. Delivering the message to us that “It doesn’t matter what you got, but what you got around. Always try your best!”, you and your family are gonna get inspired and make a special bone for each member in the house.

Holiday Rush is one of the best Christmas movies

A sentimental and heartfelt Christmas family movie promises to make you happy times with your members of the family.

I’ll Be Home Before Christmas – Good times with family!

Starting with an emotional song and beautiful melody “Christmas is gonna find me, where the love light gleams, I’ll be home for Christmas if only in my dreams”. When it comes to concept, Christmas’s everywhere in this lovely movie. 


Speaking a little bit of what the movie is about, it’s about the assistant DA and single mom Jackie’s plans to wrap up a big case and enjoy Christmas with her daughter are disrupted when her estranged dad visits.

I don’t want to spoil it for you, so I’m not going to tell you what happens in the end!

The Knight Before Christmas –  The gift of love, of joy, of peace

This movie is a feel-good and romantic genre that makes your family be engrossed in every scene and every line. The story is about Medieval magic sends a 14th-century knight to modern-day Ohio, where he can’t help falling in love with a high school science teacher who’s disillusioned by the magic of love.


This festival is the most beautiful time of the year, so I think such precious time watching this film together nurtures our souls! Sharing the top Christmas movies about family is a crucial part of this celebration. Let’s gather with your family members and make it a unique festival!

The Nightmare Before Xmas- One Of The Great Family Films For All Ages

When I was a child, one of the reasons I enjoyed Christmas so much was the annual arrival of endlessly- repeated tv programs like Santa Claus is Coming to Town and humorous Christmas cartoons. The most twisted fairy tales also left me a deep impression including The Nightmare Before Christmas. 


The scene is Halloween Town. A Halloweentown’s beloved pumpkin king named Jack Skellington stumbled across a tree that found his way to Christmastown. And Jack decided to take over Christmas Town, kidnap Santa Claus and impersonate Santa to deliver presents and spread good cheer

The Nightmare Before Christmas is really worth watching. It’s a short but very enjoyable film that will satisfy both children and adults at the same time. You’ll love it for sure.  Enjoy the best Christmas movies with your family without becoming lost or bored.


After all, we would love to see the best Christmas movies with our friends, family, and beloved ones since it’s one of the greatest things of this season. Watching films is one of the greatest traditions on Christmas year after year. With Top 13 best Christmas movies we’re rounding up a list above, we believe you guys can find your own Christmas movies, including the best family movies, festive rom-coms, funny Christmas movies, and more.

Now let’s say Merry Christmas, everyone!

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