Best Halloween Gift For Everyone

If you’re looking for the right eye-popping Halloween presents, we’ve got you covered with a list of the best Halloween gifts. Here are some of the most enchanting Halloween gifts to leave everyone spell-bound. 

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Best Halloween Gift For Everyone

If you’re looking for the right eye-popping Halloween presents, we’ve got you covered with a list of the best Halloween gifts. Here are some of the most enchanting Halloween gifts to leave everyone spell-bound. 

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Bernie Sanders Meme Goes Viral Worldwide

Are you a fan of Bernie Sanders?

The image of Bernie Sanders that was taken at US President Joe Biden’s inauguration ceremony has attracted the internet worldwide. Then, thousands of photoshopped Bernie Sanders memes on social media. Do you know the reason why a photo of a Vermont senator wearing mittens is winning the Internet?

Who is Bernie Sanders? Bio, Bernie Sanders Age, Family, and Key Positions

First, take a brief look about Vermont senator:

Things to know about Bernie Sanders.
Bernie SandersBio
Current jobBernie Sander is an American politician who has been a US senator from Vermont since 2007. He served as U.S. Representative for the state’s at-large congressional district (1991-2007). He ran as a Democratic candidate for President in 2016 and 2020.
Bernie Sanders AgeHe is 78 years old. (Sept. 8, 1941) 
FamilySanders gets married to political strategist Jane Sanders and has one biological son (Levi Sanders) from a previous marriage, three stepchildren (Heather, Carina, David), and seven grandchildren. 
Hometown Born in 1941 in Brooklyn, Sanders studied James Madison High School, Brooklyn College, and the University of Chicago. He graduated in 1962, then he moved to Vermont. 
Political partyIndependent (1978–present) Democratic (2015–2016, 2019–2020) Liberty Union (1970–1977)
Previous jobsBernie Sanders young was a civil rights activist in the 1960s.
He ran for Burlington mayor from 1981 to 1989.
Sanders is the longest-serving independent man in congressional history but he’s also a Democrat.
He has been Vermont’s junior senator since 2007.

Bernie Sanders Policies 

Sanders advocates a lot of liberal economic policies in his candidacy, comprising Universal Health Care and higher taxes on the wealthy and the financial sector. Modern monetary theory, the controversial economic theory advocated by senior economic adviser Stephanie Kelton, has also received support since Sanders last ran for the election. 

Take a closer look at Sanders’ positions and policy proposals on fundamental issues: 

Bernie Sanders Policies Details
HealthcareAt the heart of Sanders’ campaign is his proposal to provide every American with health insurance under the government single-payer system. Sanders also wants to lower prescription drug prices with three different bills that allow the government to negotiate prices with Big Pharma, allow patients to import drugs from abroad, and fix drug prices with average drug prices in Canada, UK, France, Germany, and Japan. (1)
Cancel Student and Medical DebtSanders wants to eliminate the $ 1.6 trillion student debt that 45 million people hold. He believes this will give graduates the freedom to pursue a career of their choice, narrow the racial divide between rich and poor, and promote the economy by $ 1 trillion over the next 10 years. The $ 1 trillion figure comes from an article written by a group of scholars, including Kelton. (2) (3)
Workers’ RightsSanders not only wants to increase the federal minimum wage to at least $15 an hour and doubling union membership, but he also wants to enforce federal employment guarantees and move towards a full-employment economy. 
Taxes and the EconomySanders offered additional taxes on the extremely wealthy Americans and the financial sector, comprising a “tax on extreme rich” that applies to the top 0.1% of Americans at a price net worth exceeded 32 million USD, 77% tax on the real estate of billionaires, and tax on financial transactions besides targeting foreign tax havens.
Criminal JusticeSanders would aim to “cut the national prison population in half and finish mass detention by eliminating the death penalty, the triple strike law, and compulsory minimum sentences, as well as growing the use of alternatives to detention. “
Social IssuesSanders strongly supports both expanding LGBTQ+ rights and abortion access under federal law.  
Free Child Care and Pre-K for AllSanders wants to contribute $ 1.5 trillion over a decade to ensure that every child in the US under 3 has free full-day, full-week, high-quality childcare and children above three, free universal pre-kindergarten. (4)
Green New DealSanders has his own version of the Green New Deal. The purpose of the plan is to attain 100% renewable energy for electricity and transportation by 2030 and complete decarburization by 2050. (5)

How Bernie Sanders Meme Goes Viral

Bernie Sander’s image on Inauguration Day made waves on the Internet, sparking thousands of meme photos edited on social media.

The photo of an independent Vermont senator wearing pragmatic brown gloves and coat has been transformed by time and place, incorporated into historical moments, movie scenes, famous paintings, and more. 

Do you like his cute image? His cross-legged pose in the form of a tired bar uncle and his practical sense of fashion is really intrigued the internet worldwide. That’s why Bernie Sanders Meme is highly enjoyable and more popular. Therefore, many Bernie Sanders Meme mugs, Bernie Sanders Meme dolls, Bernie Sanders Meme shirts, or Bernie Sanders Meme sweatshirts are born in the market that attracts many customers.

You can buy Bernie Sanders Meme Mug here:

Bernie Sanders Meme Mug


If you’re a fan of Bernie Sanders, you might come across “Feel the Bern” on the social internet. It’s a simple hashtag and slogan for the Bernie Sanders campaign. You can find the phrase everywhere like television, in print, on T-shirts, or even on Snapchat filters. You can show your love to Bernie Sanders by wearing these T-shirts featuring the phrase like Feel The Bern Shirt Unicorn. If you have any suggestions, don’t hesitate to share them with us.

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