Bareshelves Biden has become a trend amid Biden's supply chain crisis

Bareshelves Biden has become a trend amid Biden’s supply chain crisis

Have you come across the hashtag Bareshelves Biden on Twitter? The hashtag Bare Shelf Biden has flooded on social media to blame President Joe Biden for supply-chain issues. What is Bareshelves Biden? 

What does Bareshelves Biden mean? 

Bareshelves Biden

Bareshelves Biden has taken on Twitter as a way to blame the US President and mock his $3.5 trillion “Build Back Better” economic plan. 

The hashtag #BareshelvesBiden began a trend in October 2021 and resurfaced on January 10. Many people share photos and memes of empty grocery store shelves around the country. They complained they weren’t able to find staple foods such as pasta, canned goods, and pet food.

Why is Bareshelves Biden trending?

What does Bareshelves Biden mean? 

Social media users employed the phrase to mock President Biden for empty shelves at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic due to the supply chain crisis, harsh weather, and staff shortages caused by the new Covid-19 variant, Omicron. At the time, the prices also skyrocketed because of a backlog of shipping containers waiting to dock at California ports.

Grocery store shoppers said that they were forced to purchase what’s available instead of what’s on their grocery list. 

The complaints come from across the country and blame the President for being at fault. They believe that his Build Back Better agenda is the cause of the food shortages. 

What are people saying about Bareshelves Biden?

What are people saying about Bareshelves Biden?

Posts about Bareshelves Biden are shared like a storm on Twitter for accusing President of causing the empty shelves. 

Jack Posobiec, a conservative activist tweeted “Good morning to everyone except #BareShelvesBiden

One user posted on Twitter to rip the President “#BareShelvesBiden 😂😂😂 will keep yall updated”.

Cory Mills, the US Congress (FL-7) Conservative Candidate posted a video showing bare shelves. He said “Nothing to see here folks. No supply chain issues according to the Biden Admin.”

When was Bareshelves Biden trending?

BareShelvesBiden first began a trend on Twitter after a viral Facebook meme showing a photo of a fully stocked grocery store shelf along with the caption “Trump’s America” and a photo showing empty shelves labeled “Biden’s America”.

The fast-checking site, Snopes, proved that the photo associated with former President Donald Trump was actually taken in a store in Melbourne, Australia in 2012 while the other photo was captured in South Carolina in 2018 during Hurricane Florence.

The meme was supposed to be posted in response to continued delays at major ports.

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