bacon stuffing recipes for Thanksgiving

4 Amazing Bacon Stuffing Recipes For Thanksgiving

It cannot be denied that a turkey is the centerpiece of a Thanksgiving feast when the holiday comes around, but just admit that side dishes are also the favorite part of many people for Turkey Day. This year, let’s try some new Bacon stuffing recipes for Thanksgiving to make your dinner table even more special.

Is Bacon Good For Stuffing?

Stuffing with bacon is commonly considered the perfect side dish that can quickly become a Thanksgiving tradition. So if someone wants to know if bacon is good for stuffing or not, don’t hesitate to tell them “Yes”.

People would like to make Thanksgiving bacon stuffing as bacon is a great part that brings the stuffing so much flavor! Consider this new holiday tradition and you will surely draw much attention from others. 

bacon stuffing recipes for Thanksgiving

What are great bacon stuffing recipes for Thanksgiving?

If you want to stuff your Thanksgiving turkey with stuffing, you can also go ahead with the Thanksgiving bacon stuffing recipe. The bacon will add so much flavor to your turkey!

Thanksgiving Bacon Stuffing is more and more popular as it is a simple yet delicious recipe to follow. The food stands out with bacon flavor and it can match up perfectly with different traditional Thanksgiving staples like mashed potatoes, herbed butter roasted turkey, green bean casserole, or dinner rolls.

Best Bacon Stuffing Recipes For Thanksgiving

Bacon-Cornbread Stuffing

One of the most popular bacon stuffing recipes for Thanksgiving we would like to recommend to you is this cornbread-bacon stuffing recipe.

 bacon stuffing recipes for Thanksgiving

It doesn’t matter if you love yours roasted inside the bird or baked alongside, since this incredible stuffing is always ready to offer the best of both worlds. For this stuffing, make sure you are using cornbread that’s not too sweet.

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Bacon And Onion Stuffing 

We will never forget to talk about this bacon and onion stuffing in the list of the best bacon stuffing recipes for Thanksgiving. Yes! The bacon in this Onion and Bacon stuffing recipe has truly given the traditional side dish a serious upgrade. Savory, smokey, and salty together with a nice kick from the extra onion, it is exactly what you need for your holiday table!

Bacon And Onion Stuffin  - bacon stuffing recipes for Thanksgiving

Bacon And Onion Stuffing is one of the great bacon stuffing recipes for Thanksgiving

Filled with wonderful earthy and warming spices, this great recipe of bacon stuffing is sure to make your home smell amazing when you cook it. Why don’t you try it as a way to make a difference for your Thanksgiving feast this year?

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Bacon And Apple Stuffing

This Bacon and Apple Stuffing recipe is one of the best bacon stuffing recipes for Thanksgiving that you should try when the holiday approaches. Let the flavor of the apples mingle with the aroma of bacon. Your dish is sure to impress all the guests who come to your house for the Thanksgiving party. 

bacon stuffing recipes for Thanksgiving

Best bacon stuffing recipes for Thanksgiving – Bacon & Apple stuffing

A good part of this bacon stuffing is that you can make this recipe ahead of time, which saves you much time to celebrate Turkey Day. After the feast, you can keep the leftovers in the refrigerator for up to 5 days. It’s easy for you to swap out the bacon in this recipe for herbed pork sausage. In addition, you can use this bacon apple stuffing to stuff the turkey while it cooks instead of cooking this Bacon Apple Stuffing in a 9×13-inch pan.

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Cornbread Apple Stuffing with Bacon

Cornbread Apple Stuffing with Bacon

Don’t miss this recipe if you are looking for wonderful bacon stuffing recipes for Thanksgiving. In this amazing recipe, you will stuff hearty cornbread with savory vegetables, bacon, and sweet apple. This bacon stuffing is certainly perfect with your Thanksgiving bird or a roast duck or chicken. It is sure to be a new favorite this Thanksgiving so consider making it for your loved ones on this special holiday!

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Recipe Tip – Make the Bacon Ahead

A useful tip that you can take into consideration is to prepare the bacon ahead of time and then freeze it until ready to add to the stuffing. Don’t forget to save some bacon grease for sautéing the vegetables. Fry the bacon or bake it in the oven, it’s up to you. Spread a sheet of tin foil over a cookie sheet and then add the slices of bacon. Bake at 400 degrees for around 15 minutes. Let the bacon cool, and now you can put it in a resealable freezer bag.

What is the best kind of bread for stuffing?

When it comes to Thanksgiving bacon stuffing, choosing a good type of bread is really important. You can use pre-made bread cubes, but we highly recommend that you should get fresh French bread. The reason is that it tastes so good and also, it doesn’t take much time for you to prepare. You can buy it really cheap at the grocery store.

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How do you think about those great bacon stuffing recipes for Thanksgiving. If you are also interested in bacon and want to add some highlights to your Thanksgiving dinner table this year, just give any of the recipes above a try! Are you ready to shine your way with the best bacon stuffing recipe for this holiday? We wish you and your family have a wonderful time together on this special occasion. Happy Thanksgiving!

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