Ashley Biden diary text might surprise you

Ashley Biden diary text might surprise you

What was Asley Biden diary text? 

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What was Asley Biden diary text? 

Ashley Bide, daughter of Vice President Joe Biden and first lady Jill Biden, lost her diary last year. She is an activist who accompanied Joe Biden on his campaign trail.

In 2020, Ashley Biden diary text was made public before the 2020 presidential election. 

Ashley Biden diary text remains a secret. It was the Biden family’s representative who reported the theft to the Justice Department. Ultimately, dozens of Ashley Biden diary text was revealed on October 24, 2020. 

Ashley Biden diary text had some truly shocking confesses written on it. It reveals that Ashley Biden may have been sexually abused during her childhood when she showered inappropriately with her father. Asley Biden diary text was published by National Filed containing this sentence, “Was I molested. I think so – I can’t remember specifics but I do remember trauma.”

Ashley Biden diary text has gone viral on the Internet. Many people believe that this is a real photo of the leaked Ashley Biden diary text. Others assume that the photo is edited and not true. 

The website claimed that it had got Asley Biden diary text from a whistleblower who worked for a media organization that refused to publish a story about it prior to the election. It said it knew where the diary actually was, and the whistleblower had an audio recording of Ashley Biden admitting it was hers.

Ashley Biden diary text has allegedly proven to be real. According to media reports, the FBI searched some apartments as a part of an investigation into the alleged theft. 

The FBI raided the homes of two employees of the conservative group Project Veritas and its chief, James O’Keefe. According to the New York Times report on Friday, the raids have dragged on more than a year after conservative US newspaper National File published the full contents of Ashley Biden’s diary. The Veritas Project emphasized that it had nothing to do with the October 2020 release of the extracts, but clearly had something to do with the alleged “theft” of the diary.

O’Keefe stated in the video that “tipsters” contacted Project Veritas in 2020 to warn them of the diary’s existence, saying they had been in a room where Ashley Biden had recently stayed. However, O’Keefe said that his team was unable to authenticate the diary and made an “ethical” decision not to publish it.

“Our efforts were the stuff of responsible, ethical journalism and we are in no doubt that Project Veritas acted properly at each and every step,” he said in the video.

What do people think about Asley Biden diary text? 

What do people think about Asley Biden diary text

Ashley Biden diary text starts to be controversial. Many people feel shocked and unbelievable about this story. 

How do we expect Joe Biden to run a country when he can’t even raise his own kids !?! This is from the diary of his daughter, Ashley. The shower thing is Creepy as crap too!

The paragraph circled in red, did I read it correctly? It said “#havingsex” #ashleybidendiary was not stolen, I read stacks of her diary released before the election, she said she was mad her mom did nothing to protect her, the videos of #Hunterbiden doing the nasty w hos, etc.. was very graphic, I saw them before Google banned n purged the internet of all reposts. People got canceled for reposting. #projectVeritas just Re released everything that was released last year, if people who voted for pdjoe had seen them, they would have been grossed out n would never voted for this depravity.

It’s despicable and it’s actually not a recent discovery; As far back as 2009, when Biden was VP, the contents/text of Ashley Biden’s diary were leaked and found to be 100% legit. The fervent speed in which the story disappeared also confirms it’s contents were authentic.

If the diary isn’t Ashley Biden’s and it doesn’t contain damning info on Joe, why would DOJ (SDNY) and FBI even be involved?

Then it would just be a missing worthless book.

Local police wouldn’t even investigate that. They would maybe take a report and forget about it.

Biden is the president of the United States and is a father. But did he truly have an inappropriate shower with his daughter? Though the FBI confirmed Ashley Biden diary text, we’re hard to believe this story. If Ashley Biden had truly been sexually molested in her childhood by her father, it could have been an unforgettable thing. Biden doesn’t deserve to be a father and the US president. 

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