Are Black Cats In Danger Around Halloween?

Are Black Cats In Danger Around Halloween?

Every year when Halloween comes around, some of your friends may warn you to keep your black cats in the house to protect them from being taken, tortured, and sacrificed to Satanic cults. Amidst such warnings, a common question arises: “Are black cats in danger around Halloween? 

Are Black Cats In Danger Around Halloween Season?

Are Black Cats In Danger Around Halloween Season?

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The History of Black Cats and Halloween

When it comes to Halloween, we think of many different symbols, and black cats included. For a long time, the image of a black cat with eyes glowing has become associated with the Halloween season. It is the black cat that adds an aura of mystique to this special occasion. So, why is this animal?

It’s important to know why are black cats associated with Halloween. The association between black cats and Halloween had origins from old stories. In those stories, black cats were considered to be evil spirits that were sacrificed into fires when celebrating the Lord of the Dead on October 31. Those stories were believed to date back to 2,000 years ago in Druid circles.

Black Cats are associated with the Halloween

Black cats are associated with the Halloween

In the Middle Ages, people believed that witches might disguise themselves as black cats, meaning these dark felines became associated with witchcraft at that time. What’s more, many witches in Europe were believed to be burned at the stake along with their cats.

Are Black Cats In Danger Around Halloween?

A major factor that affects the way that animal shelters adopt cats during Halloween is the black cat myth of being “bad luck”. People consider that some cult groups may adopt black cats to eliminate or sacrifice them. 

In addition, black cats that go around outdoors, especially in October, are more likely to be caught and harmed. A common fear is black cats are just adopted around Halloween as a prop and then abandoned. So are these common thoughts true or not? And are black cats in danger around Halloween?

Are Black Cats in Danger Around Halloween

Are black cats in danger around Halloween?

It cannot be denied that there have been rumors of cats being killed on Halloween. However, the frequency of the disturbing rumors around this doesn’t match the reality. 

Yes! You might have heard about some myths of Halloween-related mistreatment of animals, not with the exception of black cats. But finally, they are just myths. ASPCA and other organizations indicate that black cats are in no more danger in October than at different times of the year. Also, these animals are not more likely to be mistreated than other types of animals.

It is important to know that until now, there has been no date to prove that black cats are murdered more often on Halloween Day than other days of the year. 

Those who work in the pet rescue world claim that cats, even black or not ones, are not in greater danger on Halloween than they might be at other times of the year. Meanwhile, they suggest that people should keep their cats indoors or only let them be outside under supervision no matter which dates it is.

“Are black cats in danger around Halloween?” There is still much controversy around this matter. But keep in mind, whether you believe that black cats are more in danger around Halloween or not, it’s important to pay attention to keeping your pet indoors to make sure they will be safe.

Myths About Black Cats

On discovering are black cats in danger around Halloween, let’s be with us and get to know some myths around these animals.

Black cats and witches

Are black cats in danger around HalloweenBlack cats are associated with witchcraft

Through those stories about black cats, people would like to discover more about these animals as well as myths around them. Currently, you can find various superstitions and myths about black cats. The most popular myths and warnings about black cats that still linger today consist of:

– It is bad luck when you see a black cat cross your path.

– Don’t turn your back on a black cat or you may be cursed.

– A black cat on an ill person’s bed will bring death.

– However, in Asia and the United Kingdom, black cats are believed to bring good luck

– In fact, black cats are animals that are far from bad luck and evil. They are, just like any other cat, close friends of many people.

Tips To Keep Your Pets Safe This Halloween

While there is no clear evidence to answer “are black cats in danger around Halloween”,  following some tips to keep them safe and comfortable during the holiday season is a must!

Are black cats in danger around Halloween - Tips to keep them safe

Are black cats in danger around Halloween – Tips to keep them safe

First, keep Halloween candy far away from your furry friends. Remember that candy isn’t good for animals, and especially chocolate can be much more dangerous. Instead, you can get some yummies specifically designed for animals to make sure they’re safe.

Halloween is all about spooky costumes and masquerade. There will surely be some costumed strangers knocking on the door all evening. This may frighten your pets. So remember to use caution when answering the door.

Also, don’t forget to keep your pet in a safe place to ensure that they won’t escape through the door you have just opened to welcome trick-or-treaters. We highly recommend you leave your cat in a quiet room during the Halloween festivities. Your feline friend will appreciate this!

We’ve been with you to discover “are black cats in danger around Halloween”. And whether you believe in the myths around these animals or not, it’s best to bring all of your feline friends inside. Someone out there may not take part in satanic rituals, but real dangers may come from other factors from cars on the road to coyotes.

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