Anti biden rap song ranks #1 on iTunes inspired by Joe Biden meme

Anti biden rap song ranks #1 on iTunes inspired by Joe Biden meme

Lets go Brandon song has taken over the Internet

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Anti Biden rap song inspired by the “Let’s go Brandon!” meme and Let’s go Brandon shirt is now ranking #1 spot on iTunes hip hop chart. 

The song,  performed by rapper Loza Alexander and titled “Let’s Go Brandon”, is taking Titok by storm. During the song’s chorus, a voice repeatedly chants the anti-Biden mantra and is soon followed by a crowd chanting the original line, “Fuck Joe Biden”.

Looking at the video, we can see that Alexander is wearing a red MAGA-style hat, which reads  “Make Music Great Again”. The Lets go Brandon song talks about how Americans are going through regret and how he feels vindicated because of the poor performance of the Biden administration.

“Let’s go Brandon” meme inspires the anti Biden rap song

“Let’s go Brandon” meme inspires the anti Biden rap song

The anti Biden rap song was inspired by the “Let’s go Brandon!” meme that has been spreading the country since NBC sports reporter Kelli Stavast interviewed NASCAR driver Brandon Brown after his win a race at Alabama’s Talladega Superspeedway.

During the interview, the crowd could be heard chanting “Fuck Joe Biden,” but Stavas noting that the crowd was chanting “Let’s go, Brandon” rather than “Fuck Joe Biden”. It’s not clear that she truly misheard the anti-Biden chant or she wanted to pretend it.

Originally tweeted by Jewish Deplorable (@TrumpJew2) on October 3, 2021.

“Brandon, you also told me — as you can hear the chants from the crowd, ‘Let’s go, Brandon’ — Brandon, you told me you were gonna kinda hang back those first two stages and just watch and learn,” the reporter said. “What did you learn that helped you in those closing laps?”

The interview quickly won the Internet, with some users thinking that the reporter intentionally tried to deceive what the crowd was chanting. The “Let’s go Brandon” phrase has become somewhat of a calling card for those who opposed President Biden. The famous “Let’s Go Brandon” or Joe Biden Brandon chant has been used as a polite alternative to the former “Fuck Joe Biden” chant. 

The anti Biden rap song has sparked a wave of excitement on Twitter

The anti Biden rap song has attracted a lot of people’s attention. Many people seem to be excited about the Lets go Brandon song. Hundreds of people share the Fuck Joe Biden song with the hashtag #LetsgoBrandonsong on Twitter to express their love and excitement for the song. 

Lets go Brandon- a jocular song but embarrassing for President Biden

Lets go Brandon- a jocular song but embarrassing for President Biden
What do you think about the anti Biden rap song?

The “Let’s go Brandon” phrase has made waves on the Internet and is widely used by the opponents of the president. The phrase has flooded on social media over the past few days, especially with the news that Southwest Airlines was canceling tons of flights.  That led to suspicions that Biden’s vaccine mandate was the reason for the cancellation.

President Biden himself faced a wave of angry when he made a visit to New York and New Jersey on September 7, when he arrived to inspect the damage caused by Hurricane Ida. Biden was welcomed with boos and vulgar banners from a group of angry citizens after he landed at John F Kennedy Airport in Queens.

At one recent Georgia-Auburn game, someone rented a plane to fly a banner that read“Let’s go, Brandon!” written on it.

Now, instead of chanting profane phrases about the president, his critics can simply repeat “Let’s go Brandon” – and everyone knows they actually mean the other. 

For those who criticized the president, the three-word phrase really encapsulates a lot: Their anger at Biden’s wrong policies, disappointment for his poor management, and a series of his lies. A wave of protest to the president is increasingly bigger. So, it comes as no surprise when you see a lot of tweets opposing Biden on Twitter.

There are endless anti-Biden products on the market from t-shirts, mugs, hats, hoodies, flags, and more. After Biden’s failure in Afghanistan, Covid-19 mandates, the raging inflation, border crisis, Biden’s approval rating has declined dramatically. Many people who used to vote for the president feel frustrated and opt to be anti him.

Let’s Go Brandon FJB Products

So, when it comes to anti-Biden items, there is no surprise. If you’re interested in these items, take a look at some notable ones:

What do you think about the anti Biden rap song? Do you like it? Free free to let us know in the comment section.

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