Yoga statistics that you shouldn't miss.

30+ Amazing Yoga Statistics And Facts You May Not Know

Yoga has been around thousands of years already but do you know these incredible yoga statistics and yoga facts

As you may know, yoga is an ancient exercise that has a lot of positive effects on our physical and mental health. So, it’s no surprise that it has gained in popularity in the last few years according to the newest yoga statistics.

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Most Surprising Yoga Statistics And Facts 

What percent of the population does yoga?

According to yoga population statistics, 15% of the US population has practiced yoga in the last six months.

Here are the top 10 yoga nations in which yoga is increasingly popular, according to Google Trends:
1. Canada
2. Singapore
3. Australia
4. Ireland
5. United States
6. India
7. New Zealand
8. Switzerland
9. Hong Kong
10. Austria

Where is yoga most popular in the world?

Yoga has become more and more popular in recent years with nearly 36 million people practicing it in America alone.

In which country Yoga is banned?

Many places in Russia ban yoga since it is believed that yoga is an evil religious faction that may develop the terrorism notion.

yoga statistics that may surprise you
Take a closer look at some of the most significant yoga statistics on this ancient discipline.

1. There are nearly 36 million Americans who practice yoga.

(The Good Body, Yoga Alliance)

According to recent research conducted by the Yoga Alliance and Yoga Journal, yoga popularity is increasing by about 15 million yogis in the US in 2008.

2.The number of US yoga practitioners rose by over 50% in 4 years.

(The Good Body)

Based on the previous studyís results, the majority of this rise occurred between 2012 and 2014, when the number of yoga students increased from 20.4 million to 36.7 million.

3. 56% of US yoga practitioners are beginners.

(Yoga Alliance)

Based on the 2016 Yoga in America Study, only 2% of them are advanced yogis.

4. Women account for 72% of yogis.

(Seattle Yoga News)

Though yoga is fairly advantageous for both men and women, the number of women practicing this activity is greater. 

5. The number of men practicing yoga rose by 150% percent in 4 years.

(Yoga Alliance)

Though the yoga facts show that the majority of US yoga practitioners are women, more and more men are becoming interested in this ancient exercise. From 2012 to 2016, the number of male yoga practitioners grew from 4 to 10 million.

6. 14 million yoga practitioners are over the age of 50.

(Yoga Alliance)

Unlike most physical activities, yoga is for all ages. So, many seniors are fond of practicing yoga and achieve many benefits.

7. 23% of yogis are 30-39 years old.

(Yoga Alliance)

Taking a closer look at the yoga statistics and demographics, younger adults (18 to 29) account for 19% of yogis, while 20% of them are 40ñ49 years old.

8. 65% of US yoga practitioners doing yoga at home.

(Yoga Alliance)

Home is the most popular place for practicing yoga, then followed by (48%) and yoga studios (45%).

9. 89% of US yoga practitioners do yoga 1ñ5 hours a day on average. 


Based on a 2016 Statista survey, the majority of yogis spend at least an hour doing yoga on a daily basis. 

10. 1 in 12 children had done yoga in the past 12 months when studied.


Yoga has gained incredible popularity in many countries. Not only adults but yoga also is highly enjoyed by children. Nowadays, there are many yoga classes filled with kids in yoga pants. 

According to a 2017 national survey, children between the age of 4 to 17 were asked if theyíd practiced yoga in the last 12 months, and about 8% of them answered they had. 

11. 1 in 3 Americans tried to practice yoga at least once in their lifetime.

(The Good Body)

Yoga population statistics also show that 15% of the US population has done yoga in the last six months. Besides this, the number of Americans who do yoga increased by 50% in just four years. 

12. About 37% of children under the age of 18 also do yoga.


Yoga becomes increasingly popular that children are also interested in this exercise. In addition, many schools also offer yoga as a part of their curriculum to help their students keep calm and improve concentration during class. 

13. About 61% of people have begun doing yoga to increase their flexibility.

(Book Retreats)

56% of people have begun doing this exercise to reduce stress, while 49% started practicing yoga to enhance their health and fitness. Furthermore, the main motivation for 54% of yogis to continue doing yoga is the relief of tension, while 52% want to get physically and mentally stronger. 

What Are the Proven Benefits of Yoga?

You may hear all about the benefits of yoga such as calming the mind, improving flexibility and strength, or sleeping better. Keep on reading these yoga statistics to find out more yoga benefits for your health and wellbeing.

14. About 87% of yoga practitioners feel better after a yoga class.


Most people who do yoga declare that this exercise improves their mood, so they feel better after leaving a yoga studio or class.

15. Practicing yoga weekly has helped 52% of people to relieve symptoms of PTSD. 


A large number of people do yoga to reduce anxiety and tension. Many studies have revealed that doing yoga twice a week monthly can reduce stress levels significantly. And doing yoga just once a week is also beneficial with some of the symptoms of PTSD. 

16. A large number of yogis (94%) practice yoga for wellness-related reasons.


Based on a 2012 national survey, most yogis do yoga for one of the following wellness-related purposes: to alleviate stress, to improve their mood, to improve overall health, or to sleep better. 

17. 40% of US yoga practitioners eat healthily due to yoga.

(The Good Body)

According to yoga health statistics, doing yoga makes people more motivated to have a healthy life, and so their diet is.

18. A huge 87% of elderly yoga practitioners said that this exercise helped them with back pain.

(The Telegraph)

Sarah Shone, a physiotherapist, introduced yoga in her recovery program for back pain for people in the age of 50. Most of the participants were happy because yoga lessened their back pain.

19. 54% of US  yoga practitioners do yoga because it helps them clear stress.


Yoga can help us relax, so it’s a great activity for people who suffer from insomnia. Turn yoga becomes a part of your regular routine if you want to achieve all yoga benefits. But does yoga really relieve anxiety? Many studies indicate that yoga can, in fact, help people suffering from anxiety, depression, and tension.

20. Yoga can reduce systolic blood pressure by 26 points within three months.

(Yoga Journal)

Studies have shown that this practice is especially helpful to people with hypertension. Doing yoga can decrease systolic blood pressure (the top number) by 26 and diastolic blood pressure (the bottom number) by 15 points for people suffering from stress, depression, and anxiety.

21. Yoga has decreased the inflammatory markers in breast cancer survivors within 12 weeks.


A few studies have shown that practicing yoga daily could help combat both chronic and periodic inflammations. Furthermore, it also advantageous to womenís health, particularly breast cancer survivors fighting inflammation and fatigue.

22. Doing yoga reduces total cholesterol by 23%.


In addition to lowering blood pressure, yoga is also advantageous for overall heart health. A study with participants with heart disease showed that practicing yoga daily reduces ìbadî cholesterol by 26% and total cholesterol by 23%. Especially, the heart disease stopped progressing in 47% of participants, making this yet another one of the fantastic health benefits of yoga. 

Yoga Injuries Statistics

Yoga brings many benefits but if you’re not careful, yoga can also cause injury. Check out these yoga statistics on the most popular injuries you could avoid by talking to your yoga instructors.

23. Practicing yoga worsened 21% of existing injuries.

(The Telegraph)

A study has shown that 350 yoga practitioners from New York said doing yoga can make existing pain worse, particularly in the arms.

24. Yoga has a lower risk of injuries compared to other physical exercises.


It is shown that the yoga injury rate was about 3.5/10,000 in 2007 while the injury rate for golf was 39/10,000. 

25. The highest injury rate is people in the age of 65 and older.

(Sage Journals)

The yoga-related injury rate for the elderly is 57.9 / 100,000, while the lowest injury rate for yogis aged 18-44 years old is 11.9 / 100,000.

Yoga Industry Statistics

26. Americans have paid more than $16 billion on yoga classes in 2016.


This consists of classes, gear, as well as accessories. Moreover, yoga statistics indicate that this is a notable increase in spending when compared to 2013.  In 2013, this number was considerably loweróabout $10 billion. 

27. On average, yogis spend almost  $90 a month on yoga on average. 


It means they’ll pay about $ 62,000 over their lifetime on yoga classes and equipment. Interestingly, some (6%) are even willing to spend over $ 100 for a memorable yoga experience.

28. The yoga industry increased by 12.1% per year from 2002 to 2012.

(The Good Body)

Yoga is one of the fastest-growing industries in America. Statistics also indicate that the industry was pretty resistant to the recession in 2008 and 2009, and continued rising at the same speed.

29. In 2015, the yoga industry’s US revenue was $9.09 billion.


The yoga industryís revenue in the US is projected to grow to $11.6 billion by 2020.

Yoga Statistics Worldwide

In this section, we will take a brief look at yoga statistics throughout the world.

30. There are 300 million yoga practitioners who do yoga all over the world.

(Yogi Times)

Based on the International Yoga Federation, approximately 300 million people do yoga in the world.

31. In Japan, the yoga growth rate was 413% in five years.

(Yogi Times)

According to global yoga statistics, this is the highest growth rate in the world. The number of yogis in Japan increased from 295,000 in 2005 to 1.22 million in 2010.

32. Adidas sales of yoga clothes and accessories increased by 30% in the Indian market. 

(The Economic Times)

Yoga is becoming a popular and multibillion-dollar global industry that is only just beginning to thrive.

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Hopefully, they help you to have a clear view and understand the reasons behind its immense popularity as of today as well as why is yoga so expensive. We also hope that these amazing yoga statistics and facts have indicated to you that it’s never too late to practice yoga.

If you are new to yoga, start with the basic yoga poses like extended mountain pose, open-angle pose, tree pose, then when you’re familiar with this exercise, try advanced postures as merman poses. Or you can practice at home with online yoga instructors like yoga journal: complete home practice to make it an integral part of your life.

You can look after your physical and mental health, and become healthier in every way through this ancient discipline.

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