Best Father's Day zoom ideas to know

8 Great Ways To Celebrate Father’s Day On Zoom This Year

How to make virtual Father’s Day more fun? Take these great Father’s Day zoom ideas.

Father’s Day is just around the corner. It’s time we’re looking for a way to celebrate this special day. But this year it might be a bit different due to social distance or you’re living far from your dad. Whether you can celebrate with dad in person, there are a wide variety of ways to honor Father’s Day with your #1 man in your life and still make him feel joyous and special on his day. Here’re 8 Father’s Day zoom ideas to choose from and show dad how much he is loved and appreciated, even from far. 

Best Father’s Day Zoom Ideas 

Have A Movie Night


How do you celebrate Father’s Day? Do you spend time watching a movie with him every year? This year, watching a movie through Zoom brings you a different and cool experience. Since you can share your screen on Zoom, you can enjoy a movie with your old man at the exact same time but in two different places. Watch one of the classics Father’s Day movies to bond your relationship. 

Invite The Whole Family

Great Father's Day zoom ideas for you

What’s better than the presence of all his loved ones on Zoom? Arrange a Zoom call that your entire family can take part in. He’ll surely love this surprise as everyone loves being surrounded by his favorite people, even if it’s virtually. Just make sure that everyone catches up with speed on when the call starts. 

Cook or Bake Something Together 

Make his special day more impressive with these fun Father’s Day zoom ideas.

If cooking or baking is one of the favorite father’s activities, why not cook together on this special day? Tell your dad and arrange a suitable time so that he can prepare the appropriate ingredients to make the meal. You can also buy the groceries and put them in front of his door. Then, make a Zoom call and make your favorite meals together. This will be a fun and memorable Father’s Day activity to do. 

Have A Dance Party

Sure, you can’t celebrate Father’s Day in person this year, but you still make dad feel touched with these Father’s Day zoom ideas.

Sounds interesting, right? How long have you and your dad danced together? It’s probably a long time since you two have celebrated something with high spirit, so there’s no reason not to take this opportunity to do so. Choose sweet Father’s Day songs or your dad’s favorite tunes and dance together through a Zoom call. This will be a cherished moment that both of you two never forget. 

Look Through Some Old Pictures And Videos Together

Many of us aren’t going to be able to honor our dads in person in real life, so these Father’s Day zoom ideas will make the holiday more special.

There is nothing wonderful than your best family memories captured in photographs and videos. So, take this special day to look back on them. Make a Zoom call for dad and share your screen with him. You can choose all of your best photos with dad and put them together in a sentimental Powerpoint. This astonishing gift will definitely put a bright smile on his face and even make him shed a tear.

Host Family Game Night

Social distance is not an issue with the Father’s Day zoom ideas.

No Father’s Day celebration is perfect without a fun game night. Whether you’re worlds apart, it’s not a problem. You can still host a great game through a Zoom call. Choose his favorite games and invite your whole family to join so you can truly make the day special. This special day will be full of laughs, fun, and cherished moments. 

Have A Virtual Tasting

No matter the distance, make his day memorable with these Father’s Day zoom ideas.

Another great Father’s Day zoom idea is to have a virtual tasting. You can get food delivered from the same restaurant so that you can enjoy a meal together. In addition, it’s an interesting idea to give your dad some new whiskeys, wines, beers, or whatever he likes to enjoy on your zoom call. You two can sip and discuss anything while enjoying a drink. Both you two will be chatting up a storm.  It’s a fantastic way to spend some time with your dad, even from a distance. 

Host A Father’s-Day-Trivia-Night


As it’s his special day, so why not host a virtual game trivia night all about him? It’s a truly creative Father’s Day zoom idea. Ask your family members on the call and see who can answer the most correct trivia questions about dad. What’s his favorite drink? What’s his favorite actor? Which football team does he like most? It’s fair to let your dad write the questions and answer.  The person who understands dad the best is a winner!


Whether you’re an ocean apart or just down the block, there are numerous ways to honor the important men in your life even if you can’t physically be together. We hope that these Father’s Day zoom ideas inspire you to honor dad and make him still feel special on his day. Have you ever hosted a virtual Father’s Day celebration? Feel free to share with us below. 

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