DIY Christmas Gifts Ideas

8 Stunning DIY Christmas Gifts Ideas You Will Love

Christmas is one of the colorful and anticipated times of the year in many countries. It’s the chance to create something special with innovative and creative DIY Christmas gifts. And it is true, while Christmas can be costly, it is not really about the money, but a series of feelings and sensations it evokes. It is a time of food, laughter, and, of course, those meaningful gifts and wishes.

If you feel financial pressure and stress about Christmas preparations, well, not necessarily. We’ve covered 8 unique and creative DIY Christmas gift ideas for 2020 that won’t break your bank and also won’t take too much of your precious time.

Leave a deep impression on your loved ones with creative DIY Christmas gifts

DIY Christmas Gifts With Mason Jars

I think the Mason jar comes as no surprise that this DIY Christmas gift itself induces such strong exciting feelings. It can’t be denied the sparkling beauty of this DIY Christmas gift. Do you think it’s too difficult to make? In fact, it’s easy and simple to create the item as a wonderful gift to give anyone or to sell at a fundraiser.

DIY Snowy Mason Jar Luminaries get anyone in love
DIY Snowy Mason Jar Luminaries get anyone in love

DIY Snowy Mason Jar is not only perfect for decorating your dining table or mantle, but it also is a wonderful gift. All you need is to prepare these things as below:

  • A mason jar or any glass jar
  • 1 tbsp glitter (preferably white or translucent)
  • 1 cup of Epsom salt
  • mod podge (or tacky glue)
  • sponge brush for applying the glue
  • twine or ribbon
  • small piece of greenery
  • hot glue gun
  • flameless tea lights (optional)

How to make DIY Snowy Mason Jar Luminaries?

Step 1. Mix the Epsom salt and glitter together. Then, use a sponge brush to apply a thin layer of Mod Podge onto the outside of the jar. When the glue has been applied, immediately pour the Epsom mixture to cover all the glue. Set aside to dry for about an hour. 

Step 2. Decorate your jar with a piece of a green plant with tiny berries. Make use of hot glue to stick the plant. Finally, wrap and tie the string around as your desire. Don’t forget to tie a twine bow to create a highlight for your jar. Not surprisingly, it’s an enjoyable gift as it can glow at night. 

In addition to DIY Snowy Mason jar, there are plenty of Mason jar decorations to catch your eyes. 

DIY floating candle is not a bad idea for DIY Christmas gifts
DIY Mason Jar Floating Candles looks sparkling, right?

This gorgeous DIY floating candle will get you and your family in the holiday spirit. It’s super cute and easy to make. With rosemary and cranberry, the Mason jar becomes more elegant and attractive. It is admitted that the DIY floating candle is a romantic present to give your loved ones. 

Innovative Christmas gifts- DIY Hot Cocoa In A Mason Jar
Innovative Christmas gifts- DIY Hot Cocoa In A Mason Jar

So sweet and happy if I can receive this Cocoa Mason jar. You even take no effort and time to create a delightful Mason jar. Just fill your jar with chocolate or cocoa, you’ll immediately have an adorable DIY Christmas gift

DIY Christmas Gifts With Household Items

Home is where the art is created. Freely tap into your creativity with some available items in your kitchen or in the house. Give your significant ones homemade work of art that no one has. Check out some DIY Christmas ideas below and make cool ones: 

Just soap’n you have a Merry Christmas is one of the great DIY Christmas Ideas
Just soap’n you have a Merry Christmas is one of the great DIY Christmas Ideas

Have you ever thought to give your neighbors or friends Bath and Body Works Soap? Everyone needs bathing, and your loved ones are no different. Why not give them this simple but practical gift? They’ll love it for sure.

dish soap- One of the easy and fun DIY Christmas gifts
Dish soap- One of the easy and fun DIY Christmas gifts

So simple but it’s quite interesting, right? Dish soap is an indispensable item in the kitchen. This gift will definitely bring more laughter to your friends. Dish soap just feels like it’s born for Christmas, right? A super cuteness and crazy ideas that nobody can think of. 

Body Cream is so exciting idea
Have you ever thought giving Soda Pop as DIY Christmas gifts?
Lovely and cute paper cup sets

DIY Christmas Gifts With Cricut

Christmas is an auspicious time of the year to be crafting homemade gifts for the important ones. It is admitted that DIY Christmas gifts with Cricut are the easy and simple method but bring a special personalized touch. Begin with some fun Cricut Christmas gift ideas as below:

Footprint Ornaments Supplies- The great idea for DIY Christmas gift
Footprint Ornaments Supplies- The great idea for DIY Christmas gift

Are you looking for a simple and easy Christmas gift idea? Christmas potholders are not a bad idea. Not only extremely economical, but they are also super cute items. Let’s see the video to start cutting these designs on your Cricut machine!

Thanks for the video support from The Country Chic Cottage.

YouTube video

DIY Christmas Gifts With Wood

When it comes to wood, it seems to be something homey and wonderful for decorating, especially during the holidays. Frankly, aside from the smell of Christmas trees,  nothing is more wonderful than fresh sawdust. There are a lot of DIY Christmas gift ideas from wood, so why not embrace this chance to create something special with natural material? Get started with some innovative gift idea with wood:  

Wooden Pallet Christmas Tree Wooden Pallet Christmas Tree is a popular DIY Christmas gift

It looks not difficult to make, right? If you have an old pallet and do not use it anymore, it’s an opportunity to turn it into a magical wooden pallet Christmas tree. If your friend’s house is not large enough for a real Christmas tree, grab this chance to make a wooden pallet Christmas tree in your own way. Follow some simple steps and you’ll get an incredible result.

First, paint the pallet with white paint. You should paint it lightly, if not some of the wood will show rough. Prepare necessary Christmas decoration items such as light strings, silver & gold ornaments, foil star garland, snowflake, candles, and more. Use light strings to create the shape of a Christmas tree. Zig-zagged your way down. Then hang Christmas tree ornaments on the string. Put the gold star on the top. The last step is to drive a nail into the pallet to create the tree trunk. 

Your old pallet turns simplicity into stunning a  wooden Christmas tree. We guarantee it will look so great that your family will swear you bought it.

Snowman Pallet is one of the unique and creative DIY Christmas gifts

Look at the picture, it doesn’t take a lot of time and effort to do Snowman Pallet, right? All you need are: 

  • Old Pallet 
  • Craft /Acrylic Paint (Black, White, Blue)
  • Foam stipples/ pencil 
  • Wood glue

The first step is to draw the Snowman. Then,  paint everything on the pallet with blue color, except the snowman. Paint the snowman with white color. Using your foam stipples or a pencil, gently draw the eyes and charcoal circles around the mouth. Paint the eyes and mouth with a very small amount of paint. Then take another pallet and sketch a nose. 

The easiest way to do this is to look at your board, starting to draw from the top right corner. Think of it as drawing a skinny, but upturned triangle coming down towards the center of the board. Instead of having two sharp corners, round your corners to form a carrot-like nose. Next, paint it orange and attach it to the snowman with some wood glue. 

Finally, create a hat for the snowman like the picture. Finish the snowman pallet by tieing a red ribbon in the snowman’s neck. And you have a cute snowman pallet. 

Wood burned snowman ornaments are a perfect DIY Christmas gift

You can find fallen branches in the garden,  park, or woods. Use a chop saw to cut wooden discs and a belt sander to smooth them out. Then, draw a cute snowman you like on the wood discs with a pencil and then wood burn the ornament.  It’s best to use a glossy finish to give them a touch of shine. Especially, the twine loop is an indispensable part of this DIY Christmas gift.

Not complicated, right? Now, are you ready to make great wood burned snowman Christmas ornaments?  

DIY Christmas Gifts With Essential Oils

If you’re into making DIY Christmas gifts, never miss a chance to create heart-warming presents with just some simple ingredients or materials. Then essential oil is one of the best choices.

Sea Salt Soap Recipe

Sea Salt Soap Recipe can be made easily with some simple steps. Looking at the video and begin making it now!

YouTube video


Homemade Sugar Scrub Recipes

It is the perfect DIY Christmas gift for friends and families this holiday season! So, are you interested in making this easy sugar scrub recipe? If yes, let’s see how this cool recipe is created

Homemade sugar scrub DIY is actually great for all of us

DIY Christmas Gifts With Paper

DIY Christmas gifts with paper are one of the simple ways to make thoughtful presents. Your friends and your family understand how much you care for them and appreciate your effort. 

These paper Christmas ornaments are undoubtedly one of the amazing DIY Christmas gifts. All you need is to prepare some multicolored and decorative papers, scissors, a hot glue gun or glue stick, thread, needle, ribbon. Few things can beat the feeling of receiving thoughtful homemade presents from loved ones. So, follow these pictures and take action to make the most beautiful paper Christmas ornaments.  

DIY Christmas Gifts With Paper
Follow these step to create beautiful DIY Christmas Gifts With Paper
YouTube video

Another DIY Christmas gift with papers you can easily make for your lovely kids is a Santa card. Kids will love it for sure! Let’s try it out.


YouTube video


DIY Christmas Gifts With Fabric

If you are looking for innovative and easy DIY holiday gifts, these enjoyable crafts require little to no sewing skills. This Chocolate Bar snowman is one of the typical and best gift lists. Take advantage of a cute chocolate bar to make a gift. The hat is made of a pair of mittens. It is just so adorable.  Do not miss out on this fantastic DIY Christmas gift.

Cute Chocolate Bar snowman with gloves

Watch the full video from Crafty Morning to make it easy.

YouTube video

DIY Christmas Gifts With Pictures

Pictures are lovely and colorful, especially at Christmas. Pictures – where we cherish our beautiful memories and look back at the happy time we had together. It’s meaningful if you’re ready to create DIY Christmas gifts with pictures. Let’s see some incredible ideas below!

Pop-Up Photo Box – DIY Christmas Gift

Pop-Up Photo Box - DIY Christmas Gift
Pop-Up Photo Box – Great DIY Christmas Gift

It’s easy to make it by yourself. You can follow step by step. 


  • Scrapbook Paper
  • Stencil
  • Wood Box
  • Glue
  • Stain
  • Ribbon
  • Paint
  • Protective Finish Coat 

4 steps to complete

Time preparation: About 2 hours

Step 1. Cut an legal size 8 1/2″W × 14″L piece of scrap book paper to a width of your box. Using a ruler and a pencil, measure and gently mark the scrap book paper, every 2 13/16 inches.

Step 2. Fold the scrap book paper at the first mark then fold it to get an exactly right line. At the next mark, fold the scrap book paper on the opposite side. Continue the accordion folds for the remaining marks, then erase the marks to make it smart and clear.

Step 3.Put the folded scrapbook paper on a flat surface with the topmost fold facing you. Cut three images into two-inch squares, then center one on each scrapbook paper square and adhere with glue, wait til it dry. 

Step 4. Fit your folded scrapbook paper in the box. If you’d like, hot-glue the backside of the bottom square to the inside bottom of the box, and let dry. Finally, use hot glue to stick the ribbon to the top back edge of the top square, let it dry, and you have your own special Pop-Up Photo Box.

YouTube video



Christmas is undoubtedly a happy time, it can bring joy and happiness to everyone.  Especially, a small meaningful DIY Christmas gift will be the best thing for anyone. Here at T-Shirt At Low Price, we hope that these DIY Christmas gift ideas will be useful and help you to save some serious money in the process. And the last thing we want to say is ”Merry Christmas”.

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