Throughout your marriage life, there are several emphasized milestones, and one of them is definitely the 5-year anniversary. In this milestone, as husband and wife, you should spend some time, preparing proper gifts for your significant. Seeing that is the case, we have collected a compelled list of ideas for both 5 year anniversary gift traditional and modern!

What is 5 Year Anniversary Gift Traditional?

Pick a 5 year anniversary gift traditional for your partner and make this anniversary memorable

  1. OLEVS Stainless Steel Couple Watches For Him And Her
  2. Personalized Acrylic Album With QR Code Available
  3. Engraved Necklace For Your Wife In Gold, Silver, Or Rose Gold
  4. Personalized Handmade Wooden Cutting Board
  5. Couple Connecting Games With 200 Conversation Cards
  6. Scratched-Off Map Of The World Poster With Flags
  7. Crystal Wine Decanter With Four Glasses And Wooden Serving Tray
  8. Silver Sapphire Ring For Wives
  9. Vintage Directional Compass With Engraved Quote
  10. And 20 more…

5 year anniversary gift traditional

1. OLEVS Stainless Steel Couple Watches For Him And Her 

Couple watches come to cross our mind as the first gifts for the 5-year anniversary. It is not too lavish or showing off. It is something you would wear often on a daily basis as a time reminder. For a traditional 5 year anniversary gift, we don’t see a reason for husband and wife to take this option out of consideration.


2. Personalized Acrylic Album With QR Code Available 

The second choice you can have, although not the most traditional 5 year wedding anniversary gift, is an acrylic album cover of your favorite. It can be the first song you guys shared on your dates or your wedding song. Overall, a personalized acrylic album cover makes an excellent consideration for couples.


3. Engraved Necklace For Your Wife In Gold, Silver, Or Rose Gold 

Husbands, if you are on a tight budget, checking these engraved necklaces for your wives is encouraged. For the pros, the necklaces look delicate and graceful enough with three beautiful color options gold, silver, and rose gold. Besides, they are affordable for their adorable appearances. Nonetheless, the necklaces can get stained pretty fast if no proper maintenance is conducted. 


4. Personalized Handmade Wooden Cutting Board

The fourth recommendation, in our perspective, is a wonderful answer for both 5 year anniversary gift traditional and modern. If you have yet to know, 5 years is a milestone for wood, so the wooden gifts are the most appropriate and appreciated. With personalization available, you can request to engrave your marriage date, along with words you wish to show your other half. 


5. Couple Connecting Games With 200 Conversation Cards 

Five years can be long for many individuals, but not for husbands and wives. People usually say that you must spend a lifetime to understand and stay in harmony with your beloved half. This is why you can start small through couple date night games with deep conversation provoked by these little but powerful love cards.


6. Scratched-Off Map Of The World Poster With Flags 

One more recommendation for 5 year wedding anniversary gifts for couples is a poster of the world map. These would help you to identify together places you want to travel together, and having shared desired destinations is undoubtedly encouraging for couples, no matter how long their marriage has come.


7. Crystal Wine Decanter With Four Glasses And Wooden Serving Tray

Decanters are highly advised for gifts of any occasion, and it seems that for the 5 year traditional anniversary gift, decanters are no exception. If you tend to choose decanters as presents, keep in mind that it is better to go for items with matching glasses and serving trays. 


8. Silver Sapphire Ring For Wives 

Rings represent love and eternity, while sapphire stands for blessings, romance connections, and royalty. Gifting your wife a silver sapphire ring cannot be more proper as a traditional gift for 5 year anniversary, hoping for an ever-strong romantic connection between you two. 


9. Vintage Directional Compass With Engraved Quote

A compass is used to show you the right direction in life. In the case of a traditional 5 year anniversary gift, a compass represents the direction of love. For that love always has its way to show you how to get back together when being apart. And it is also why we decide to put the compass on the list. 


10. Gold Bracelet For Women With Pearls Attached 

Gold stands for eternal love in all time. A gold jewelry piece is to show your appreciation, loyalty, and forever-burning love for your other half. Although a five-year milestone is not the most remarkable event in your marriage life but isn’t it worth showing your love at any moment possible for your beloved partner?



11. Ferrero Rocher Chocolate Gift Box 

The next suggestion we have in-store for anniversary gift ideas 5 years married couples is a Ferrero Rocher Chocolate gift box. You may think that it would be more proper to do chocolate on Valentine’s Day, but it is actually not. The reason behind this is that love has turned your every day into Valentine’s Day, and how can a chocolate box go wrong for your 5-year anniversary? 


12. 18-Rose Gift Box For Your Wife 

The color red represents passion as well as strong feelings, and so are red roses. They are the icon of the burning love of a couple. They speak up about the truest and most evident signs of love. A rose box for either a 5 year anniversary gift traditional or modern would still have the same meaning, which is passion and fierce love of husbands and wives. 


13. Happy Anniversary Engraved Wooden Keychain 

Back to a 5 year wedding anniversary gift traditional rather than modern, you can send your husband or wife a wooden keychain, which is engraved with the term “Happy Anniversary or Happy Our 5-Year Anniversary”. It is simple yet appreciated for this special mark in your marriage. 


14. 20-Piece Golden Stainless Steel Cutlery Set

A cutlery set is elegant enough as a 5 year traditional anniversary gift for your partner. We would recommend a couple set or a  set for the whole family. It is not too romantic a gift, but it definitely shows your genuine care and affection for one another. 


15. Personalized Wooden Cufflinks For Men  

Should you be wondering what to give your husband on your 5-year anniversary, you can take a glance at the personalized wooden cufflinks. They are suitable, in terms of representing the wooden milestone of 5 years, and they are practical enough for your gentleman. 


16. Personalized Wooden Board For 5-Year Anniversary 

Simple but full of affection for a traditional 5 year wedding anniversary gift. If you shop for a personalized wooden board to give your partner on the 5-year anniversary, make sure you are certain about the size and fonts to engrave on the board. 


17. 5th Anniversary Engraved Wooden Bookmark

Another suggestion we have for your 5th-anniversary gift is a bookmark. It would be wonderful if your husband or wife is into reading. Sometimes, the littlest things are the most loving way to remind each other about your other half when you see or use them in daily life. 


18. 5-Year Anniversary Mug For Your Husband Or Wife 

The eighteenth option for 5 year anniversary gift traditional and modern is a mug. Mugs are apparently to be on almost every gift list of shoppers. That is because they have excellent designs with high functionality in the daily routine. It is no exception when mugs come into the list of the 5-year gift list. 

5 year anniversary gift traditional

19. 5th Anniversary Engraved Stone 

Wanna look for a unique 5 year wedding anniversary gift traditional and modern? Here would be your perfect answer with the engraved stone, celebrating the 5th anniversary of couples. You can request freely to engrave any quote you love on the stone before it is handed to you. 


19. 5th Anniversary Engraved Stone 

We barely believe our eyes when we first saw these artificial wooden roses. Wood is already a solid and sturdy material, but the art of the makers has turned wood into beautiful roses with an ivory white. If you have done being interested in fresh-cut flowers because of their limited lasting time, why not head for these artificial but so realistic flowers? 


21. Handcrafted Abstract Wooden Statue Of Love 

Love is shown in different forms. In this case, love shows itself in the shape of a statue, describing two lovers sharing one kiss. The statue has made it very clear about the spirit of love, and we hope husbands and wives also have the exact same spirit in their five-year anniversary and all other marks of their marriage.


22. Marriage Prayer For Wall Decoration 

The next traditional 5 year anniversary gift that couples should send to each other is the marriage prayer. It is a small version of your vows on the wedding day. We believe that words have robust energy, and they have expressed themselves through the wedding vows. The vows shall always be a reminder of love and responsibility in one person’s lifetime. 


23. Silver Sapphire Earrings For Women 

If you are still wondering what to give your wife as both a 5 year anniversary gift traditional modern, why not check the sapphire earrings? Sapphire, as mentioned, is a strong icon for love and blessings. Any gift that has sapphire on it would bring the message of your appreciation toward the partner and your wish to cherish them for life-long. 


24. You&Me Puzzle-Shaped Wooden Ornaments 

Puzzle lovers, you should not miss this recommendation on your list of anniversary gifts. The ornaments are so adorable, not to mention they can be situated anywhere, taken to any place. These You&Me puzzle-shaped wooden ornaments are also affordable for all shoppers, saving you from overspending if your budget is not so great. 


25. 5-Year Anniversary Silver Puzzle-Shaped Keychains For Couples 

One more option for puzzle lovers is the silver keychains with engraved 5 years anniversary. They are simple but elegant and highly practical for couples. Apart from that, they can still show the loving spirit as both a 5 year anniversary gift traditional and modern. 


26. Luna Bean Hand Casting Kit For Couples At Home 

Hand casting kit is not a new concept anymore for the 21st century. It has been appearing a lot more, especially for young couples. Doing hand casting is a fun activity at home, on any occasion, including the five-year anniversary. So, what are you waiting for?


27. Matching Couple Wooden Bracelets For Five-Year Anniversary

Another option for anniversary gift ideas 5 years anniversary traditionally or modernly is the matching couple wooden bracelets. The present is believed to demonstrate the true bond between two individuals, bringing them into one. If you shop for these couple bracelets, you would have more color options than just hardwood color. 


28. 5-Year Milestone Personalized Plate As Gift 

This is probably one of the most unique forms of reminder on the 5th anniversary of a married couple. Should you choose the plate as your 5 year traditional anniversary gift for either your wife or husband, you can freely request what is crafted on the plate. We would suggest some numbers or your both favorite lines from a song. 


29. Personalized Canvas Artwork For Couples 

The artwork has long been inspired by love in the forms of poetry, painting, or sculpting. For the case of gifts for 5-year anniversary, a customized canvas would be the most compatible for the topic would be focusing on the couple. The price to purchase a proper canvas artwork is not so low, which is around 100 dollars. However, such an item would be a meaningful gift and an eye-catching house decorator. 


30. Crystal Heart-Shaped Customizable Picture Frame 

Last but not least, how can a photo frame fall out of the list for traditional 5-year anniversary gifts? But we are not introducing a boring frame. Instead, we recommend you a crystal heart-shaped frame to hold the photo of you and your beloved another half. You would have 6 options if purchasing the frame in total, and the price would be varying from one to another.

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Gifts make a way of love expression in relationships. Your traditional 5 year anniversary gift for your partner does not have to be expensive or showing off because there all that needs to be is genuity. Hopefully, the list given is helpful to you in deciding the ideal gift to send to your loving half on the special milestone of the wedding’s 5th anniversary.

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