30x30 Biden bill

30×30 Biden bill: Conservation Plan or Land Grab?

What is the 30x30 Biden bill
Biden’s 30×30 Plan: What you should know?

Regardless of how far agriculture has evolved in terms of our environmental stewardship; no matter how loudly we shout that we have more incentive than anyone to protect the health and resilience of our federally authorized and private lands because we are only able to maintain a farm or ranch by caring for the environment, farming is still condemned by people who have no knowledge of agriculture. A notable example is the 30×30 Biden bill. 

What is the 30×30 Biden bill?

Do you know what is the 30x30 Biden bill?
Is the 30×30 Biden bill a good idea?

A week after Joe Biden took office, he signed an executive order declaring his commitment to protect 30% of the land and water of the United States – more than 720 million acres – by 2030. 

This initiative aims to reverse the negative effects of biodiversity decline and climate change by protecting more natural areas and increasing access to nature for communities that lack it.

Then, on May 6, the Department of the Interior released the “Conserving and Restoring America the Beautiful”, a preliminary report on what it called the “30 by 30 plan.”

To address three challenges – the disappearance of nature, climate change, and unequal access to the outdoors – the report has given a collaborative, science-based roadmap toward achieving “30 by 30”. 

As part of it, the Biden administration invited ranchers, farmers, and fishermen to participate, promising to perpetuate ranching in the West “as an important and proud way of life.”

30×30 Biden bill – “land grab” under the guise of conservation

30x30 Biden bill – "land grab” under the guise of conservation 
Biden lays out 30×30 Vision to conserve nature and decline climate change.

Government makes mistakes all the time. While there are various things in the Executive Order that make me ponder on, the 30×30 Biden bill was the one that bothers me the most. Federal ownership, use of private property,  and heavy use of land as Biden’s view are totally opposite to protecting the world from climate change and preserving biodiversity.

According to the Executive Order, for the Biden administration, the solution to global climate change is for the federal government to:

(1) get more private land to take it out of production

(2) eliminate all federal land use – to manage total federal control of an additional 440 million acres of land or oceans in America by 2030.

The Biden Administration assumes that only 12% of the nearly 563 million acres of federal land in the United States is governed for biodiversity conservation. So, additional uses must be removed to guarantee the land is managed in its “natural state”.

Then, Biden’s plan is to buy an additional 440 million acres by 2030. That’s more than twice the size of Texas.

The question now is where will the rest come from. How does the federal government get an additional 440 million acres of private land and eliminate more use of the already restrictive federal lands? Condemnation and “forcefully armed” may be the answer.

On February 11, 2021, the Acting Secretary of the Interior signed an Order removing the Trump Administration’s requirement for state and local government approval before the federal government acquires more private land with budgets from the Land and Water Conservation Fund (LWCF). 

Incredibly, that Order stated that permitting local governments to have a voice in land acquisition directly influencing their areas “undermined” the plan.

While LWCF money is promoted as being used to “ensure public access and improve recreational opportunities,” the money can also be used to purchase federally owned private land. 

Because no property taxes are paid when the land is owned by the federal government, and because there will be no employment involved when the newly acquired land is left in its “natural state,” the acquisition of these lands and removing more use from federal land would completely harm the local tax base and job opportunities that support roads, rural schools, and other needed services.

The Great Outdoors Americans Act was passed in 2020 and Congress will be ready to provide $900 million per year for LWCF, but they will need billions more to accomplish this radical acquisition intention.

30 by 30 plan has caused a controversy

30x30 Biden bill has caused a controversy
Biden’s 30X30 goal tends land grab.

The 30×30 Biden bill has provoked serious concern among private landowners, particularly farmers and ranchers because the order doesn’t specify the 30% of the land that the states will be forced to hand over. In Nebraska, 97 percent of the state is privately owned, that number is remarkably alarming.

Sen. Deb Fischer stated that she was “concerned that 30×30 will be used to undermine the rights of private landowners, who are the best conservationists in this country.” We can’t agree with her more. 

It is reported that more than 60 House and Senate Republicans sent U.S President Joe Biden a letter that asked for a meeting on the 30×30 Biden bill. They felt worried about the 30×30 Biden bill and thought that the “initiative will be used as a method to undermine private property rights, circumvent the multiple-use mandate, and lock up more land.” 

They also said that the 30×30 Biden bill “displays a dangerous thoughtlessness and far too many of our questions have been left unanswered.”

Sen. Mike Lee, a Western Caucus member and senior member of the Senate Energy and Resources Subcommittee on Public Lands, Forests and Mining shared his thoughts about the “30 by 30” plan. “[Democrats] have not always been respectful of how decisions that they make will affect people close to the land that they’re trying to restrict.”

He continued, “And many of them also seem to proceed under the very flawed, and I would maintain demonstrably false, assumption that land as a whole is necessarily better managed under federal control than it would be under state control, and categorically better in government hands than it would be in private ownership.”

Survival International also launched a new campaign to stop the 30×30 Biden bill and warned it was “the largest land grab in history”.  The plan was discussed at President Biden’s Leaders’ Summit on Climate on April 22-23 and would come to an end at the COP15 summit in China in October. 

Three hundred million people would face losing their land and livelihood, many of whom are tribal and indigenous peoples. The organization has labeled the 30×30 Biden bill as #BigGreenLie.

We should act to protect our land

American farmers and ranchers are the backbones of the country. They are our state’s original conservationists. They work very hard day by day to cultivate the land and govern the water they’ve known for generations in a way that helps develop our country. But their lands will be taken away soon by the government under the guise of conservation. That’s nonsense. 

Obviously, the U.S President, the Department of Agriculture, or the Department of the Interior do not have the constitutional or statutory authority to set aside and preserve 30% of the land and waterways for conservation purposes. Furthermore, no such authority is ever mentioned in the Executive Order.

Those who believe that only the federal government, owning land in its “natural state,” can fight climate change or biodiversity loss should rethink.  We should fight to protect American agriculture and our rural way of life.

The 30×30 Biden bill will lead to a massive “land grab” of 680 million acres across the country with the perfect cover of conservation. The 30×30 Biden bill would even risk 1.16 million acres of land in Nebraska and the 580,000 acres that are federally owned or controlled.

Looking back on Biden’s decisions in Afghanistan, Biden’s terrible immigrant border policy, or the raging new coronavirus cases in the country, whether you can trust the “30×30” plan? He left our citizens behind in Afghanistan and didn’t care about their lives. He didn’t care about human lives, so would he care about the environment? Please be in full possession of your senses. 

Don’t let Biden grab your land and livelihood. Oppose the 30×30 Biden bill with one of the anti-Biden shirts. Spread your thoughts and raise people’s awareness by wearing these shirts at special events. 

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