Interesting Christmas facts will get everyone laugh

7 Stunning Christmas Facts That You Would Love to Know

Christmas is almost here, and we all love it. Despite growing in popularity in many countries, not everyone knows all about Christmas facts. In addition to Christmas tree ornaments facts, Christmas cards facts, or Christmas celebrations, there are plenty of Christmas facts that you don’t know. Here are some interesting Christmas facts that blow your mind.

Christmas facts will make you more interesting

What Are Interesting Christmas Facts?

Is Santa Claus Real?

Is Santa Claus real? How does Santa fit down a chimney? Or how do reindeers fly? The questions are quite familiar to us and our parents. You kids may ask you every Christmas season. Santa Claus is a magical part of Christmas, but it’s sad to say that Santa Claus is not real. There may not be physical Santa, but the idea of Santa is alive. Santa’s spirit lives in the hearts of children and adults. 

Santa represents all that is good, innocent, and magical about Christmas for children. So, keep the magic and excitement of Christmas to everyone. 

Christmas fact about Santa Claus surprise you a lot

How old is Santa Claus?

Have you ever wondered how old Santa Claus is, in 2020? This Christmas fact might amaze you. According to legend, he was born in a small Greek village in Turkey in the 270 AD. It means that he is 1,749 years old by 2020. We don’t know exactly what month he was born, but some assume he was born in March. The only thing we are sure about is that he is almost two thousand years old. 

Santa’s age is one of the Christmas facts that get everyone excited

Why does Santa wear red?

Many people believe that Santa wears red due to an advertising campaign by Coca Cola in 1930 (a poster of Santa Claus in a red suit, holding a Coca Cola bottle). But in fact the red garment originated from St. Nicholas’s episcopal vestments. 

Fun Christmas: Does the image of Santa in red originate from Coca-Cola?
Fun Christmas: Does the image of Santa in red originate from Coca-Cola?

In fact, Haddon Sundblom, the artist who created the original magazine ads for Coca-Cola, was inspired by Clement Clark Moore’s 1822 poem “A Visit from St.” Nicholas ”- or ” The Night Before Christmas “.

But before Moore’s poem and the Coca-Cola ads, there was the original poem by St. John. Nicholas. As Bishop of Myra in the 4th century, his traditional robe is red and white. While some historians claim that he originally wore clothes of different colors, in fact after the bishop, known for his generosity and kindness to children, passed away, the legend of him has grown, and that includes his bright red clothes. Does this Christmas fact surprise you? 

What’s the Story Behind Christmas Stockings?

When it comes to the Christmas holidays, the image of socks hanging beside the fireplace is an indispensable thing. They first appeared in the Netherlands. During the feast of St. Nicholas (held on December 6), the children usually hang their socks before going to bed and will find small gifts from St. Nicholas the next morning. 

The Christmas fact of hanging Christmas stockings will open your mind

This stock hanging stems from a very lovely story. The story told that there was a poor man who could not afford a dowry when three daughters got married. Saint Nicholas wanted to make him surprised, so he dropped three bags of gold down the family chimney, but it fell into a sock that was being dried by the fireplace. And it was a gift filled with love!

Was Jingle Bells originally a Thanksgiving song? 

Yes, it was! James Lord Pierpont, an organist from Savannah, Georgia, performed his first song “The One Horse Open Sleigh” at the Thanksgiving concert at the church. The song was re-released in 1857 and titled Jingle Bells. This is also the first song played in space by crew Gemini 6 on December 16, 1965. 

The origin of Jingle Bells is one of the amazing Christmas facts

What day is Jesus’ birthday? 

Many people think that Jesus was born on December 25, but the Bible does not actually tell the date of the Savior’s birth. No one knows the exact birthday of God. The first recorded date was held on December 25, 336 AD during the period of the Roman emperor (as the first Christian Roman emperor). By 354, Pope Lebanon proclaimed December 25 as the official day to celebrate Jesus’ Christmas. Thus, December 25 is just a conventional day for the whole world, to commemorate a real event of history, the coming of the Son of God as a human, to fulfill the mission of saving humanity.

Fun Christmas fact- The exact Jesus’s birthday is still unknown

Where is Christmas illegal? 

Christmas is one of the most cherished holidays and celebrated differently around the world. But there are a handful of non- Christian countries that don’t recognize Christmas and prohibit people from celebrating Christmas. So, let’s look at 5 countries that do not observe Christmas in any way: 

North Korea

Since its inception, North Korea has opposed Western civilization. Of course, believers have to celebrate Christmas in complete secrecy and strict precautions. They often celebrate at home with candles and in whispers. 

One of little-known Christmas Facts is no Christmas celebrations in North Korea


The majority Muslim country has had a turbulent relationship with Christianity and its holidays for decades, and especially since the Taliban dominated in the 1990s. Christmas celebrations are almost never held here. If anyone decides to celebrate Christmas, they run the risk of persecution. 

Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia is also famously anti-Christmas. Although Saudi Arabia has good relations with Western countries, the governments have banned Christmas trees or any Christmas related festivals for decades. In 2015, the government hospitals allowed their non- Muslim employees to celebrate Christmas within their compounds. 


In Somalia, Christmas was banned in 2015 since Christmas is not religiously appropriate for Islam. Every year, the government issues a notice reminding people that Christmas is a violation of the law. The government also especially reminded the citizens that celebrating Christmas will give terrorists a chance to mix and attack. 

No Christmas in Somalia is one of Christmas facts you may not know


Tajikistan is a country in central Asia, people are mainly Muslim. The government issued a ban on placing Christmas trees in schools, not giving each other Christmas gifts a few years ago. Celebrating fireworks are also prohibited, and gathering and fundraising activities related to Christmas are also banned.


The Sultan of Brunei has issued a ban that if Muslims celebrate Christmas, they can be fined US$20,000 or up to 5 years in prison. Although Brunei is also a Muslim country, but there are also non-Muslims. The government allows non-Muslims to celebrate Christmas, but must be held in a private and non-public community. Christmas-related matters are not allowed to discuss with Muslim believers. If the Christmas activities were to be publicized, it would seriously harm the Muslim community. 

Christmas fact-Sultan of Brunei bans Christmas celebration in public places

Officials from the country’s Ministry of Religious Affairs have also visited local businesses to make sure they don’t display Christmas decorations, including Santa hats and banners with Christmas greetings.


We hope that this post will give you perfect Christmas facts for any occasion. Test yourself and others to see how many Christmas puzzles are known. Have fun!

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