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Fun Dad And Daughter Activities

15 Fun Dad And Daughter Activities To Do Together

Fathers have a special place in their children’s hearts, especially with theri daughters. The role of fathers is extremely important when it comes to raising daughters to be as smart and confident as powerful women. There are many different dad and daughter activities that both can do together on a regular basis. This helps to keep the dad-daughter bond alive. With that in mind, here are 15 dad-daughter bonding activities you can start today.

15 Dad and Daughter Activities to Spend Time Together

There are tons of fun and simple dad and daughter activities out there, it’s important that you take some of your time to do this. The special thing about fathers is that they can teach their daughters practical life lessons such as going to museums, fishing, camping, changing flat tires and still have fun. Read on to discover 15 of our favorite things for dads and daughters to do together.

1. Bike riding or rollerblading

Ride a bike or rollerblade, whichever both dad and daughter like the best. These are all great ways for dad and daughters to hang out and expore the outdoors together. And if she doesn’t know how to do it, evern better because dad can be a great teacher and make a bond with his little daughter through lessons and experinces. 

Dad And Daughter Activities To Try This Year
Dad And Daughter Activities To Try This Year

2. Attend a sporting event

One of the most popular Dad and Daughter activities is attending a sporting event. Whether it’s watching your daughter’s soccer game or taking her out to college or professional sports, sharing a love of sport can foster healthy competition and good sportsmanship.

3. Prepare a family meal together

Cooking is a must-do in the list of dad and daughter activities. Instead of mom preparing meals for the family, both dad and daughter should do this together! Create something fun, find something on the Internet, and practice cooking together. A father who may not cook often, but loves to grill could even teach his daughter the lessons of a ‘master grill’ and make a terrible steak or burger. Cooking together is a great way to bond.

Dad And Daughter Activities
Prepare a family meal together is a great way to boned dad and daughter.

4. Build a robot

It is a proven fact that fathers and children (even girls) both love robots and it is great that the both work on robot projects together. In addition to sparking a love of science and engineering in young girls, robots are super-cool.

5. Start a collection 

Whether it’s the little bottles of sand from the beaches you’ve been to with your daughter or the photos from your favorite movies you’ve watched together, starting a common dad-daughter collection can make memories more tangible.

6. Special handshake

Create a special handshake that only the two of you do together. Work on it together and make a separate symbol. If you do, it could be something you do all your life. She will never forget it and it will make her feel special. 

Dad And Daughter Activities
Make up a special handshake that only the two of you do together.

7. Dancing

Take your daughter to a dad-daughter dance. Dress up and take some pictures. Then make sure you take her out on the dance floor a few times. Remember to learn to dance before so you can lead her. There are many Youtube videos that can guide you through some simple steps if you challenge the rhythm. If there isn’t any dancing coming up, then you just need to put on some music in your living room. It’s a memory she’ll talk about for a long time.

8. Explore the world

Family vacations are the perfect place to escape from the daily work and study schedule. Traveling to a new city or town allows dads and daughters to experience and see things with new perspectives.

Dad And Daughter Activities
Fun Dad And Daughter Activities To Do Together

10. Tell each other secrets

Start when your daughter is young so she always knows that you trust her to keep your secrets and in turn, she will know that she can trust you with her. Sharing secrets is one of those dad and daughter activities that you should try.

11. Attend a kid-friendly concert or show

Find a kid-friendly concert or show! Maybe one of the ones she’ll love, like Sesame Street or JoJo Siwa! Turn on your daughter’s favorite show and sing and dance together. You know, watching a show together is always fun. And then don’t forget to go to the gift shop for souvenirs!

12. Play dress up

Yes dad, get out there and get dressed. Little girls like to play dress. So, Dad and daughter activities that include things your daughter loves are great. Not only that, she can laugh out loud when she sees her dad dressed up as a princess!

Dad And Daughter Activities To Do Together
Play dress up is so fun that dad and daughter can do together

13. Play sports together

Playing sports together is also one of the great dad and daughter activities. Dad can teach his daughter a sport he loves to play. Whether it’s basketball, badminton, tennis or soccer, she’ll enjoy learning a sport her dad loves and can just lead to an extracurricular activity she enjoys in the future.

14. Go to museum

Depending on your daughter’s age, find a fun museum for kids or even an art museum to visit. Choose a nice day to visit a museum toghether to experince something new or enjoy something that one or both of you are already familiar with. Similary, search for festivals in your area like street fairs, Celtic festivals, art festivals, food festivals and something like that to experince something new and exciting. The trip will not be boring with these fun dad and daughter activities .

Go to museum
Glad young father and little daughter looking at expositions in museum

15. Go mini golfing

Who doesn’t love playing mini golf? Teach her how to hit the ball into the hole. A little competition to make the game more attractive. If you want to take it to the next level, head to Top Golf  or even practice in your area and let dad teach his daughter the game. Golf is a great women’s sport as a girl grows up and can also be a significant bonding experience with dad.

Final Thoughts

Although these are all small actions, they clearly have a huge effect on bonding between father and daughter. Big things are great, but oftentimes it’s the little dad and daughter activities that help form a bond.

Whether you do some or all of these activities, you will not only bond with your daughter but also set expectations for how men should treat her. It is important for us to inform our daughters that they are worthy of attention and investment.

On the occasion of the coming Father’s Day, let’s make small gifts with your daughter. Check out our DIY Fathers Day gifts to get ideas.

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