fun Thanksgiving activities for adults

11 Fun Thanksgiving Activities For Adults

Thanksgiving Day is approaching and you know it means tons of preparation for the fun to come! You’ll want everyone to stay busy and have a great time while waiting for the food or ending the party on a good note. How to do that? The answer is to plan a series of activities to keep everyone entertained! If that sounds daunting, don’t worry, we’re here to help with some cool ideas. Here are some fun Thanksgiving activities for adults and kids you can refer to.

Best Thanksgiving Gifts Everyone Will Love

Along with fun activities and food, add something special like giving gifts to your family. Even if you can’t be with your loved ones, sending a little love will let them know that you’re always thinking about them. Choose one of the ones below or directly go to our Thanksgiving gift collection for more inspiration.

11 Fun Thanksgiving Activities For Adults And Kids

Thanksgiving – the classic American holiday that brings families together to share and eat. But the festivities of the day don’t necessarily revolve around food. Encourage your family members and friends to get their bodies and brains moving after the big party with some of these fun Thanksgiving activities for adults and kids.

Gratitude Game

Fun Thanksgiving Activities For Adults
Fun Thanksgiving Activities For Adults You Can Refer To

Thanksgiving is the perfect time to express your gratitude and share how you feel for the year. And it’s even better when you do so in the Gratitude Game. You will only need a large bag of M&Ms, a bowl, and a color-matching chart of candies with things to be grateful for. Go around the circle and ask each person to take a candy out of the bag, then use the chart to say what place, person, thing, or opportunity they are grateful for.

Set up the Christmas Tree

Some people may think Thanksgiving is too early to start decorating the Christmas tree, but hey – you can also get help when you can! Plus, who doesn’t love decorating the family tree? Turn on some festive music, assign each person the task of decorating the tree, and make your holiday even more fun with the help of the whole family. Serve some candies, snacks, and drinks to really get everyone in the spirit!

Outdoor Scavenger Hunt

fun Thanksgiving activities for adults
Outdoor Scavenger Hunt is game for all ages!

Gather family members in pairs or groups and organize a scavenger hunt in the backyard or across the neighborhood. Offer value like small gift cards or special treats as rewards to inspire some friendly competition. It’s really one of the meaningful and fun Thanksgiving activities for adults and kids.

Dirty Turkey

Gift and dastardly scheming come together in this Dirty Turkey. Give the player a theme to make it more interesting. Before everyone else arrives, put the numbered sheets of paper and place them in a hat. When you’re ready to start the game, ask the number 1 player to open the gift. The next person in line can steal that as their own gift or choose a new gift from the pile. Continue that way until everyone has a gift.

Family football game

fun Thanksgiving activities for adults
Football games is really fun Thanksgiving activities for adults and even kids

Football games are very popular when it comes to fun Thanksgiving activities for adults. With this game, start a friendly football match for everyone outdoors and sweat together. You can even add some prizes or make a family football trophy, which can become a memory for many years to come!

Deliver a Meal

If you have an elderly neighbor or know a struggling family in your neighborhood, do something to cheer up. Pack a special meal or gift for them and deliver it as a family. This is also a great way to teach kids to share, get to know neighbors and help those in need.

Mini pumpkin hunting

Thanksgiving Day Games
Mini pumpkin hunting is very fun for both adults and kids

Hide mini pumpkins all over the house or yard for everyone to find. The winner will be the one who finds the most mini pumpkins. In the end, it can be a challenge just to carry them. You can clock a timer to set a time limit, or a more fun way is to play a song and the game ends when the song ends.

Run a Turkey Trot

With turkey trot events happening across the country, your active family will want to try something new this year like breaking a sweat in a run, fun hike, or 5K run. Most runs are scheduled early in the morning to kick off Thanksgiving Day, but some places also host runs in the afternoon, weather permitting. These fun Thanksgiving activities for adults are sure to make the holidays even better.

Host a “Friendsgiving” 

Thanksgiving Day Games
Host a “Friendsgiving” is good idea for this Thanksgiving

If you’re away from family or just want to add something special to the holidays, think about throwing a party with all your closest friends. You can also widen your circle a bit and invite neighbors and co-workers and have each person bring a little something to eat. It’s great that your party will have many interesting cultural dishes and funny stories to share.

Rip It Up

One of the most fun Thanksgiving activities for adults and even kids is this Rip It Up game. The rules of the game are very simple, players just need to tear a piece of paper into the shape of a turkey. The challenge is to do so while holding the piece of construction paper behind your back and there is a time limit – a minute is usually a good amount. Before starting, choose one person to be the judge, and the winner is the one with the most recognizable shape.

Take a Family Photo

Fun Thanksgiving activities for adults
Fun Thanksgiving Activities for Adults You Should Try

It can take a long time for the whole family to get together, so take advantage of the occasion and arrange a family photo session. Then you can use it for Christmas cards or some later gift ideas for grandparents and parents! And don’t be afraid to get creative with your outfit. Ask everyone to wear the funniest tops, coordinate colors, or create a theme that suits your wacky family! 

Final Words

Finally, remember to keep your mood light and happy. Thanksgiving may just be famous for eating turkey and watching football, but what’s really important is spending time with loved ones and making memories. Choose one of the fun Thanksgiving activities for adults above and be filled with the festive spirit.

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