DIY father's day cards will help you to express your love to dad

10 Easy DIY Father’s Day Cards To Make This Year

Instead of giving dad a store-bought greeting card this Father’s Day, show him how vital he is in your life by creating unique and cute DIY Father’s Day cards. Father’s Day is just around the corner, it’s a happy time to celebrate one of the most important men in your life- your dad. Here at T-Shirt At Low Price, we’ve compiled the most beautiful and easiest cards to make. We’re sure you’ll find something here that’s perfect for him. 

Discover unique father's day cards this year
Dads will be excited to read DIY Father’s Day cards from their little kids.

01. A Father Day Kids Craft Owl Card 

The owl card looks so cute, right? Your dad will be happy and cheerful when his little girl or son makes this handmade card.  He will be the envy of other dad’s eyes. 

Get the tutorials at iheart crafty things

02. Handy Dad Heart Card 


Who doesn’t melt with this sweet Handy Dad Heart card? Dad will be proud to show the card to his friends and family members. If you have little ones, this simple DIY Father’s Day card is surely for you. 

DIY Father’s Day Card from Non Toy Gifts.

03. Father’s Day Shirt Card with Bow Tie Noodles


This Father’s Day shirt card is a fantastic way to get kids involved in making something personal and special for Dad or Grandpa this year. With some buttons, card stock, bow tie pasta, your kids can make this DIY creative card an easy feat. 

Father’s Day Shirt Card from the best ideas for kids.

04. DIY Father’s Day Cards: You’re an eggcellent daddy


Who doesn’t love these cutest You’re eggcellent daddy cards? He’s sure to be impressed by these unique and lovely DIY Father’s Day cards? With some simple supplies, you and your kids can make these great cards. 

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05. You’re my sunshine daddy Card 


What a colorful sunshine card is! The sunshine card is fantastic and bright that will definitely make dad feel incredibly happy. It’s so easy and simple to make, even toddlers can help to create this card. 

06. Incredibly Cute Paper Shark Card 


No kids do not know the Baby Shark song, right? The rhythm and image seem to deeply root themselves into our minds. Are your children obsessed with the Baby Shark song? Then, it’s a chance for them to make the adorable and stunning Daddy Shark card for Father’s Day!

Are your children obsessed with the Baby Shark song? Then they will enjoy making this cute Daddy Shark card for Father’s Day! Help the kids to print the word ‘DAD’ and a shark template with a cute shark pun inside, “You Are JAWsome!” 

DIY Father’s Day card from artsy momma

07. Tie Template Shirt Card


Shirts and neckties go hand in hand, as it’s a fashion accessory dads always wear to work or formal events. You kid may be too familiar with his dad in white or any shirt every day. So, why not let them make this DIY shirt card?

This project will allow you–or your little kids to design the ultimate tie for dear ol’ Dad. Simple things are always the best and bring unexpected results. Especially, the shirt card is suitable for all ages, even older preschoolers can make it. They will be more proud of their work and excited than ever. Nothing is better than preparing small gifts for our loved ones by ourselves. 

Get the tutorial at The Best Ideas For Kids

08. DIY Father’s Day Tomato Card 


This DIY Father’s Day Tomato Card is the perfect way to let the number one guy know how much he is loved and how much he means to you! It’s fantastic for the dad who likes to garden or to eat healthy foods. 

Get the tutorial at thrifty jinxy

09. Father’s Day Handprint Craft

If you love handprint crafts, this Father’s Day handprint craft is the most darned handmade card for kids to make. It’s simple to put together with a mustache and bow tie template too. Kids will love tracing their hands to make the cards. And Dad will surely love to receive such a rare and amazing handmade card! This tutorial is complete with a video to show you just how to use basic supplies to create this beautiful piece of artwork.

Get the tutorial at The Best Ideas For Kids

10. “Dino-Mite” Homemade Father’s Day Card


This clever and basic DIY Father’s Day Card is DINO-MITE! It can be made by kids of all ages! Paper, scissors, poster board, google eyes, black marker & pencil, and glue are the only supplies you need for this card. 

Plus, who doesn’t love a good pun?

Get the tutorial at  The Soccer Mom Blog 


When it comes to Father Day’s gifts, there are endless choices in the markets. You can give Dad expensive gifts displayed in the stores or creative handmade gifts. Sometimes, simplicity is a great way to show your love to your important guy in life. Share your appreciation of Dad or Grandpa with these DIY Father’s Day cards you make. These DIY cards are a precious chance for you and your kids to write a heartfelt message to the special guy. If you’re not sure what to write on the inside, try one of Father’s Day funny quotes. 

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