DIY Christmas ornaments will get you in the holiday spirit

8 Beautiful DIY Christmas Ornaments To Make At Home

Christmas is coming! It is time for the crowd to flock to the mall for Christmas room decorations or making DIY Christmas ornaments at home. It’s convenient to buy Christmas decorations, but when it comes to decorating your cozy house, it is clear that DIY Christmas ornaments are the best way to increase your family bonds and have memorable moments. Your home will be more cozy and warm with these homemade decorations hanging up, rather than pricy ornaments from the store. That’s exactly why we’ve rounded up a list of the best and easy DIY Christmas ornaments to make for the holiday. 

Time to make DIY Christmas ornaments for your home
DIY Christmas ornaments will make the holiday more special and memorial

DIY Christmas Ornaments With Fabric

Obviously, the fabric is an indispensable part of our house that you’ve probably found everywhere. So, why not take advantage of fabric to make lovely and cute Christmas ornaments? If you’re looking for easy Christmas decorations with fabric to make with the kids, try one of these festive yet simple Christmas ornaments.

Decoupaged Fabric Christmas Ornaments

The Decoupaged fabric Christmas ornament is a fantastic another option for your room decorations. Your kids will love it for sure. Check out the video tutorial from Michelle {} to make your own with your children!

Why not try making some DIY Christmas ornaments yourself? It will be great.
The decoupaged fabric Christmas ornament will look stunning on your tree this year
YouTube video

Gnome Ornament

Gnome ornaments are becoming popular and widely made as they’re easy, adorable, and can be done in less than 30 minutes. If you are looking for a terrific Christmas craft for your kids, these gnome ornaments are a good choice. 

If you have never made it, it’s time. It’s so much fun to fill your home with them. Prepare the necessary things and take action now: 

  • cardboard triangle
  • scraps of fabric and trim 
  • scissors
  • button or pom pom
  • small styrofoam ball cut in half 
  • yarn
  • glue gun
  • thread or yarn for hanging
What better than making DIY Christmas ornaments with your family?
Christmas gnome ornaments hanging on the tree are so outstanding and sweet

Let’s see how cute gnome ornaments are made in the video from Farmhouse Glittered Designs:

YouTube video

Scrap Fabric Tree Ornaments

Scrap fabric tree ornaments are not a bad choice as it’s not only economic but it’s also nice- looking. All you need to prepare is fabric remnants, yellow buttons, a low-temperature glue gun, twine, scissors, and cinnamon sticks, 6-inch

DIY Christmas Ornaments will save you a lot of money
With old plaid flannel shirts, cloth napkins, or tablecloths, you have a lovely ornament

If you are interested in Scrap Fabric Tree Ornaments, learn how to make it with a helpful step-by-step tutorial in the below video from Crafts and Activities for Kids with Fireflies and Mud Pies

YouTube video

DIY Christmas Ornaments With Clay

Have you ever thought with white clay you can get some wonderful farmhouse decor for your Christmas tree? Sounds fantastic, right? All you need is to prepare some simple supplies to include oven-ready white modeling clay, Christmas tree cookie cutter straw, black sharpie marker, gold marker, and ribbon. 

Making DIY Christmas ornaments will help you to have great moments
Simple farmhouse decorations DIY for your Christmas tree!
Looking for interesting DIY Christmas ornaments? Check out some of these ideas.
Simple steps to create a farmhouse decor DIY with clay

Making farmhouse decor DIY is a piece of cake with detailed steps from Made to be a Momma :

YouTube video

DIY Christmas Ornaments With Light Bulbs

Are you fascinated by the cute shape and classic look of old school styled Christmas tree lights? For me, I’m really interested in these classic tree lights. Although it’s not as chic and pricey as trendy Christmas tree light bulbs, they still have their own beauty and charm. They are not complicated and take a little time to make.  All you need is some traditional Christmas tree light bulbs, twine, greenery, pine cones or berries, and a glue gun. Take a look at the picture and you can make DIY Christmas light tree ornaments immediately. 

These DIY Christmas ornaments are easier than ever with clear steps.
Step-by-step tutorials on how to make traditional Christmas tree light bulbs

DIY Christmas Ornaments With Glitter

If you’re looking for fun ways to make DIY Christmas ornaments, glittery ball yarn ornaments are an ideal option. Glitter homemade ornaments can turn your Christmas tree stunning and eye-catching than ever. The glittery ball yarn ornaments are so much joy to make with your kids. All the supplies you need is some yarn, white glue, a balloon, and lots of glitters. 

Let’s see the video for how to make Glitter Ball Yarn Ornaments from One Little Project:

YouTube video

DIY Christmas Ornaments With Wood Slices

Don’t have much time for crafting? Then these cute wood slice ornaments are right for what you need! 

Wooden beaded Christmas ornaments are becoming popular and highly enjoyed for home decorations. You can create any image as you want. With some simple supplies such as acrylic craft paint, ribbon, twine, wooden bead, drill and small drill bit, and most importantly wood slice ornaments, you’ll have a cool Christmas ornament. You can do a Christmas tree, snowman, or words on the ornaments. 

DIY Christmas ornaments will make the Christmas tree attractive and beautiful
Wooden beaded Christmas ornaments are so adorable to decorate for your tree

Follow these step-by-step tutorials and make your own ornaments: 

Step 1: Paint with either a white or black background according to your preference

Step 2: Apply font in a contrasting permanent vinyl

Peel away the background vinyl so all you have left is the word or design you want on your ornament.

To transfer the word to the wood slices, it’s best to use transfer paper, or a piece of washi tape or painter’s tape.

Step 3: Place the transfer paper and tape over the design and press it up so it sticks to the vinyl.

Step 4: Drill a small hole near the top of the ornament, thread two pieces of twine that contains three beads through the hole, and tie it into a loop.

Don’t forget to stick a beautiful ribbon on the top of the wooden ornaments.

DIY Christmas Ornaments With Letter

Dress up your tree with beautiful DIY Christmas ornaments
Personalized ornaments using old scrabble letters are so cute and not complicated to make

Personersonalized ornaments using old scrabble letters also make your Christmas tree unique and impressive. Here are some needed supplies for personalized scrabble tile ornaments: scrabble letters, ribbon, twine, Jingle Bells, and low temp hot glue gun.  If you are interested personalized scrabble tile ornaments, check out how to make them with some simple steps and video from Michelle {}

YouTube video

DIY Christmas Ornaments With embroidery hoops

It is admitted that Christmas ornaments using small embroidery hoops are so adorable that get everyone in love. DIY embroidery hoop Christmas ornaments use a trendy Buffalo Plaid print that makes it more delightful and gorgeous. It’s a shortcoming if you miss this beautiful ornament for your Christmas tree. 

Prepare for necessary supplies to get ready for making the cute ornament: 

  • 3-inch or 4-inch embroidery hoops 
  • red and black plaid fabric or fabric of choice
  • white heat transfer vinyl 
  • vinyl cutting machines, such as Cricut or Silhouette
  • iron
  • hot glue gun and glue sticks
  • bendable faux greenery and faux red berries
  • ribbon or yarn to hang on the tree
DIY Embroidery Hoop Christmas Ornaments- One of the great DIY Christmas ornaments
These embroidery hoop ornaments are so darned cute and terrific

DIY Christmas Ornaments With Yarn

Winter Yarn Hat Ornaments are also a cute craft project for Christmas room decorations that you can make with your families or your friends. It does not require any knitting skills. So, why not try making these adorable ornaments? Spend your little time and prepare some needed things such as a toilet paper roll, stash yarn, and some stuffing. You’ll have love ornaments at a tiny cost. 

Give your hand a try at making these easy and simple DIY Christmas ornaments
Winter Yarn Hat Ornaments are an easy and inexpensive craft for the whole family


If you have never made DIY Christmas ornaments, why not try to make ones yourself? A handmade ornament is not only decorative for your Christmas tree, but it also creates a great memory that is made with your kids and family in a cherishing time of the year. Let’s make your own DIY Christmas ornaments to get you in the holiday mood.

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